Coaching remains a critical element in enhancing sports performance. Coaches leverage their years of experience and knowledge to guide athletes on a clear development path. Unarguably, their impact cut across all sports endeavors, basketball inclusive. Coach Ve, a former professional basketball player turned coach, is changing the lives of many aspiring basketball players by leveraging his expertise and brilliant mentoring techniques. He is the driving force behind many winning teams in his home country Lebanon.

Coach Ve has over three decades of basketball experience, including 18 years as a professional basketball player. He has represented his country Lebanon at several international sports events. After his retirement in 2008, Coach Ve added a new dimension to his career as a basketball coach. He coached many professional FIBA club teams and the Lebanese women’s National team before moving to the U.S. in 2016. In 2017, Coach Ve coached the Armenian National team U20 in Europe, where he caught the sponsor’s attention. Soon he became the athletic director of a sports academy in Glendale California.

While directing inside the academy, Coach Ve noticed a gap in the training, so he decided to step in. After his full-time job as an athletic director, Coach Ve began training players who connected with him via social media. Despite the back-breaking effort, Coach Ve enjoyed every moment because of his passion for sports. He derives his satisfaction from his impact as a coach, and very much visibly, it can be said that he is far from being after financial gain.

Coach Ve has played at the highest levels in his country and even obtained a FIBA license. He has won several championships as a player and coach, but nothing beats the satisfaction he derives from helping his community through basketball. He loves seeing his clients reach their goals and improve their craft. To take this initiative a notch higher, Coach Ve launched his basketball training academy named Coach Ve Elite Training Inc. His training academy grew organically through word-of-mouth as many players trained by him started winning at national and international sports events.

In retrospect, when Coach Ve came to the U.S, he hardly got the attention of people; however, with few training and awards in, his coaching skills began earning recognition, as sports associations sought his academy’s expertise for training. So far, Coach Ve has trained some celebrated basketball players and social media influencers. This expedited his fame in real and virtual space. Despite his scaling popularity as a basketball coach, Coach Ve has remained genuinely dedicated to his responsibility even in the most trying times. He drove for hours during the pandemic outbreak to train the players when gyms were closed. As the situation returned to normalcy, his community grew more prominent with every passing day.

Coach Ve continues to receive coaching offers from different professional leagues, however, this may conflict with his plans to remain in Los Angeles at the time being. His long-term goal is to reach more players worldwide and make a visible difference in their performance, but at present, he focuses on building his legacy in Los Angeles.

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