Renowned cryptocurrency influencer Newman Perez has just launched his latest project, BNB Stars, which he believes will become the crown jewel of his crypto portfolio. Perez is widely considered one of the most influential men in the crypto industry, with a successful track record that includes BNB Beats, which raised over $50 million. BNB Beats farms Binance crypto (BNB) to produce profits, and currently has over 10,000 users.

Perez’s latest project, BNB Stars, uses the same algorithm as BNB Beats and aims to raise $1 million. According to Perez, the project is unique in the market as it produces profits without the need for third parties, thanks to the farming of BNB. However, Perez cautions that the profitability of the project depends on the price of Binance Crypto, which is currently at $307, and if the price were to fall, the project may not offer the same returns.

During the launch of BNB Stars, Perez was joined by some of the strongest leaders in the crypto world, who believe that the project has the potential to be a huge success. Perez is also confident that his newly released cryptocurrency, Beats, will rise to more than $100, making it the next Bitcoin. Beats has already seen tremendous success in just three days, going from $1.5 to $24.

Perez is excited about BNB Stars and believes that the project will generate substantial profits for the community, as long as the price of BNB stays the same or goes up. However, he also warns that the community may lose money if the price were to fall. To learn more about BNB Stars and Perez’s other projects, visit his website,

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