Bizitron: Your Digital Marketing Partner to Launch and Promote your Crypto/NFT Campaigns

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Bizitron is a Digital PR Company founded by Rayyan that offers Crypto and NFT marketing services. Crypto projects brought before Bizitron demand tailored and targeted public relations strategies to build credibility and get you in front of the right people. It is a high-end PR and digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small start-ups with their branding, content writing, search engine optimization, link building and expansion of connections.

Rayyan as CEO and Founder of a Digital Marketing Company, he offers services which include qualitative research, presenting and launching brand strategies, product innovation, partnering with business development teams to work on brand guidelines, marketing strategy, tracking, and implementation.

“Bizitron was founded on a vision to be the preferred PR and digital marketing partner for high growth brands”

The brand presents the ability for brand awareness that outshines competition in the same space and stands out in the fast-paced, oversaturated cryptocurrency market. 

Bizitron is known for employing highly specialized cryptocurrency PR and digital marketing solutions that are designed to not only generate money but the highest ROI possible. We also offer our clients empowerment for blockchain startups, NFTs, wallets, tokens and crypto-exchanges with PR marketing campaigns to drive visibility and improve results.

“Think of us as your support network, ready to execute over-the-top PR, content, and SEO strategies to accelerate your growth and increase your revenue without spending too much”

The company is a small, tight-knit group of hardworking, passionate, ambitious, and result-oriented professionals ready to take ownership of helping shape your digital footprint through ROI strategies.

They also specialize in PR media placement, and express strong connections with writers, journalists, and editors across the most influential spaces, which presents the opportunity for clients to be featured in top-tier publications like Forbes, New York times, Business insider, Vogue, CNN, Mashable for serious impact.

“As your PR and Digital marketing partner, we help you grow your brand and revenue with forward thinking, ROI strategies.

Their ability to create custom cross-platform PR and marketing campaigns that combines smart storytelling, strategic media placements, and compelling influencer campaigns distinguishes them from your regular PR brand.

Their process involves four major steps which include:

  • Project kickoff
  • Ideation and valuation
  • Implementation
  • Optimization

Every project begins with a meaningful conversation. Where after, ideas gathered are nurtured into a tangible plan. At this stage, discussions concerning the customers, objectives, budget and visions are brought into play. All ideas come together to seek out an execution plan that maximizes all growth opportunities.

Once a strategy is devised, Bizitron helps to get as many quick and early wins as possible from the onset while establishing the client for long-term sustainable growth. The company keeps on monitoring activities till desired results are obtained.

“We continue improving, fine-tuning, and monitoring your results at every step of the process to ensure well-rounded success. Our ability to innovate and improve on our processes is how we have built long-lasting profitable relationships”

The internet is a wild place and the success of any brand on the internet depends on the power of your digital marketing strategy. You need to plan, manage, and optimize digital channels using an integrated digital marketing strategy that seizes opportunities, defines new experiences and creates lasting connections.

You need the right marketing partner that will help you accelerate your growth and Bizitron is the perfect marketing that understands how to capture audience interests and ways to influence their responses. For more details about Bizitron and its services kindly visit the official website, or reach out to Rayyan over twitter or linkedin.


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