Ben Todar, CEO of Moon Nation Game Tells Why He Continues To Hire People Despite Downward Negative Trends

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Ben Todar, the CEO of Moon Nation Game is creating a huge buzz in the blockchain industry these days. His goal is to bridge the gap between crypto and games the way he’s heading towards his goal has won him great appreciation from industry peers and leaders. In fact, MNG has won the Most Innovative Project award at CryptoExpoDubai 2021.

Moon Nation Game is a space-based role-playing game based on the Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as its native token. Ben Todar has always strived for the best and his goal with MNG has also been the same. What sets the game apart from many blockchain projects is its low gas fees and awesome gaming experience. It is also projected with a longer longevity rate.

To bridge the gap between crypto and game, Ben Todar and his team have designed Moon Nation Bridge in such a way that developers can integrate any game with the MNG token. The users will be able to exchange their holdings against the base currency of MNB with the help of this platform. Further, these points will make them eligible to purchase anything available on the forum.

While Moon Nation Game is a rage among the game lovers in just one year of its launch, Ben says he wants to see it rank in the Top 50 soon.
He is focused on making Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) the first successful cryptocurrency to gaming bridge that will be used for generations.

Ben Todar who started his career as a trader is highly hopeful about the future of crypto. Despite the market being on the downwards side for the past few months, Ben believes that it’s just a phase. He says that
the market runs in cycles and decentralisation can not be stopped. His company ha sin fact continued hiring. “Despite the downtrend for more than 6 months now, we continued hiring, we opened a new office and we never stopped developing. These are the times to focus on developing and when the market turns back as it always does, the hard work will pay off.” he says

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