Anushree Diet and Wellness clinic – One stop solution for weight management and any health problems

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Are you tensed about your diet plan? Are you looking for weight loss in a proper & healthy way? Let me introduce you all to Anushree’s Diet & Wellness Clinic.

Anushree’s Diet and Wellness Clinic is located at Howrah- Kolkata but they provide online consultation globally. So, you can take consultation from anywhere.

Anushree Mitra, the founder of Anushree’s Diet and Wellness Clinic, is a Master’s in Nutrition, she is a certified Sports Nutritionist and a Diabetic Educator. She is in this field for more than 10 years. She provides consultation for Weight Management and any Healthy problems.

The specialty of Anushree’s Diet and Wellness Clinic is they provide a balanced diet with homemade food only. They don’t suggest any supplements, medicines, or any type of heavy workout. Diets are made according to your health problems, your food habit, and your time schedule. So, it’s very easy to follow. You can follow diets without any feeling that you are on diet.

Claim to Fame – Anushree Mitra

1. Felicitated with Bengal Icon Award as best Dietitian in 2022.

2. Honoured with Global leadership award by Rotary Club of Calcutta yuvis

3. Fitness groomer of various pageant shows.

4. Awarded by Style Icon Kolkata

5. Worked with various tv channels as a speaker on nutrition.

For this realistic and scientific diet consultation, the client’s success story is more.

Here’s what the clients of Anushree Diet and Wellness clinic say:

  • Actress Soumili Ghosh Biswas says “I consulted Anushree and her diet chart is very easy to follow and it had shown improvement in my energy level”
  • RJ Sukanya Roy says “Anushree’s diet plan helped me to reach my targeted weight”
  • Police officer Sayandeep Roy says “Anushree helped me to plan my food according to my time schedule and that helped me reduce my extra weight without giving up on my favorite dishes”
  • Air hostess Payal Bose says “My work schedule is very tough but Anushree’s diet chart helped me to maintain my weight together with various health problems. Her diet makes me feel much younger”

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/anushreemitra.dietitian/

Visit to learn more- http://www.anushrees.com/

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