An Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur and Investor Mark Evans DM

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Many people become entrepreneurs because they want to be their own boss. There are seemingly endless opportunities, but it takes the right person to be able to master the art of self-management.  To be a successful entrepreneur, 38% said that self-discipline is the key and 37% said people and communication skills, according to Apollo Technical.

For entrepreneur Mark Evans DM, he became an entrepreneur before it was considered the “cool” thing to do. He has owned many companies in various industries – from real estate investing to media, ecommerce and data. We sat down with Evans to get to know him better.

Q: Tell us about your personal life/what is a day in your life like?

ME: Wake up 4:44 am daily, work out, eat breakfast with the family, commute to the upstairs office after breakfast, have some calls and emails, lunch with the fam, then back at it with calls and emails. May even dip in the pool for an hour or so with the kiddos. Dinner at 6 with fam and then movie time / fun time then bed by 9 pm. REPEAT!

Q: What inspired you to start your business/why did you choose the career you have?

ME: Grew up poor and never wanted to work for anyone and I never had a W2 job my entire adult life and knew making money would give me options.

Q: Why is your career/business special to you?

ME: Because I get to change peoples lives on the daily and mine as well.

Q: Who is your target audience and why?

ME: Business owners that know they don’t really own a business the business owns them. They are seeking a breath of fresh air to learn how to have the business serve them instead of them serving the business.

Q:Who inspired you to reach the levels of success that you have?

ME: My family. 

Q: How many clients have you worked with OR how many people have contributed to the success of your work?

ME: Tens of thousands…not sure as I’ve been doing this for 26 years with events, books, podcast shows etc.

Q:  Do you have any special talents or abilities that has enabled you to come this far in business?

ME: GRIT! Stubborn, Knowing I’m going to die and it’s sooner than later 😉

Q: What are your future plans for your business?

ME: Keep impacting.

Q: What do you recommend your following do when they are burned out?

ME: Thought audit the situation and see why you’re burnt out or just worn out. Many try to build off emotion when emotions lie. I’m tired often but not burnt out. Excited not deflated. Key is to keep your feet moving. Most don’t have a plan so they feel like they are just on a treadmill with no end in sight. Get microwins … can be many a day.

Q: What is your best advice for someone who wants to grow in any area of their life?

ME: Do it… as simple as that sounds that’s what it’s about making a decision and executing. 

Q: What motivates you to get up every day and go for your goals? 

ME: Death, family and my purpose to serve others.

Q: What is your favorite quote, and why? 

ME:  You don’t have to get it right, You just have to get it going. (to many procrastinators and perfectionistic)

To follow along Evans’ journey, visit his social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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