On March 7, 2023, Adam DeMarco will release his first book, Battles Within: My Journey of Self & Service, through Ballast Books. The book, currently available for pre-order, chronicles DeMarco’s life from early childhood to his military days to his defunct political campaign and to some of the most turbulent days in recent American history.

DeMarco offers a stark, gritty, first-hand account of three massively important events in American history: Lafayette Square, the Capitol Insurrection, and the fight to save Americans and allies in Afghanistan.

DeMarco earned “the very much unwanted title of ‘whistleblower’ after witnessing what was one of the most sickening spectacles against our own people” at Lafayette Square in 2020. And DeMarco was there mere hours after the United States Capitol was invaded by a group of insurrectionists on what DeMarco calls “one of the darkest days of my life.” And while his story, his journey, could have ended there, he again found himself thrust into the middle of the effort to save Afghan allies thousands of miles away during the fall of Kabul in 2021.

The vividness of the mission to save lives as terrorists encircled tens of thousands of innocent people will give readers an inside account of the largest non-combatant evacuation in history and leave them speechless at the actions of so many selfless heroes who worked tirelessly so that so many others may live. “I never would have or could have dreamt that I would write a book,” the major admits. “I mean, I barely graduated high school. But then again, I never thought that a lot of things would happen. But somehow, under what can only be characterized as Divine Providence, I’ve beaten the odds on more than one occasion.”

DeMarco speaks of both literal and figurative wounds that he has endured throughout his life and service – from playground bullies, developing a self-described “toxic ‘zero f#@%s’ attitude”, to winning and losing numerous crucial fights through the years. He shares painful memories, comedic anecdotes, and countless experiences that he calls both “indelible and unforgettable.” He chronicles his “youthful arrogance” that paved his way into West Point against all odds and also led him “into a quixotic foray to the world of politics.” And while all of his wins and losses, victories and defeats, are entertaining and compelling on their own, collectively, they are inspiring.

“While these circumstances, situations, and events don’t define me, they have led me to this point in time,” he states. “And now I’m ready to take the gloves off, and share my story. So buckle up – it’s one hell of a ride.”

It’s little wonder that a growing following is excited about the release of DeMarco’s landmark debut. DeMarco hopes to achieve success; but his version of that word cannot be related to dollars and cents. “Success for me isn’t calculated by salaries, sales, or returns on investments. Instead, it’s calculated by impact. That is, the impact that I’ve had on my community, my city, and my country.”

As one of the most highly anticipated debut books of 2023, DeMarco will leave readers inspired to impact and compelled to act. And he provides a vitally refreshing look at putting the values of duty, honor, and service over self.

Adam DeMarco is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and McDonough Business School. He was commissioned as a field artillery officer in the United States Army, where he served both on active duty and in the reserve component with multiple deployments overseas in support of contingency operations. Adam currently resides in Washington, DC, with his dog, George.

Battles Within: My Journey of Self & Service will be released on March 7, 2023, and is currently available for preorder wherever major books are sold.

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