A Look Into the Life of Viral Creator and Film Producer, Max Stoton

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The creator economy is growing fast as more and more content creators join the space. Today, there are over 200 million content creators, some of who have already established their spot and others who are getting started. Max Stoton is a creator who has found where they fit in the creator economy. His work is attracting massive attention both on Instagram and TikTok, where his videos have gained more than 3M likes. Max is also one of the brains behind the top comedic group, The Canadian Boys, which has gone viral across social media and one of the leading podcasts, The Brightside. How did Max get started in content creation, and how did he grow his brand to become an authority? Here is his story.

Max Stoton always loved content creation. He shares that he was already creating content at home from a young age, which made the transition a bit easier. This passion is part of what makes him stand out today.

Max loves what he does, and it’s visible in his content, which enabled him to break into the industry and quickly grow a loyal following. Max has been a VIP at numerous Hollywood, New York, and Toronto red-carpet events. He hit huge milestones with his viral videos featured on massive online platforms and reposted and reacted to by notable names in the entertainment and music scenes, including Chanel Westcoast, Ricegum, and more.

Max was also invited onto podcasts about the build-up to his career, going on two full nationwide tours around Canada, and one East Coast tour in the US. Max has built a solid name and brand as a content creator/influencer, social media manager, film producer, director, writer, and podcast host. He started as a small content creator and continued adding to his titles. But his journey was challenging.

Max encountered roadblocks, some of which threatened his goals. When he began content creation professionally, he wasn’t financially stable and didn’t have the money to travel and create content like street videos. Max was also struggling with his content getting flagged, which was frustrating and demotivating. But he didn’t want to lose hope and give up on content creation. He started looking into ways to avoid getting his content removed from social media websites.

Max invested in his brand and network. He used connections at these companies and finally sorted the issue through his network.

He shares his journey on his podcast, The Brightside, where he speaks with all sorts of people from the digital creators’ space, each sharing their experiences and lessons. According to Max, his goal is to create a space for all creators and aspiring creators where people can learn more about content creation and how to grow their online brand.

Max is looking to one day launch his own media company that doesn’t veer away from any content as he inspires others to fight for their dreams. He also has a movie coming out on Amazon Prime Video in early 2023. No Levels and stars Max Stoton, Ethan Maynard, and Josh Notaro.

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