Michael J. Newell, a Real Estate Developer, Takes Control of the Housing Market to Lower Prices and Increase Accessibility for American Families

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Workers in the United States are increasingly being squeezed between rising housing costs and stagnant wages. Wages have failed to keep up with inflation for the past 40 years. Although rent has increased steadily over that time, it has risen particularly rapidly over the past two years, increasing by anywhere from 14% to 40%. The affordable housing crisis is putting more of a strain on workers now than ever. Seeing the housing crisis worsen, Michael Newell is motivated to do something about it. Responding to this need, Michael Newell has taken creative measures to lend a hand, including utilizing the resources of his two businesses.

Michael Newell is the founder and CEO of Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes. He is confident that M.J. Newell Homes and Standard Land Development (SLD) can make a difference by encouraging others to enter the construction industry. Newell has a curriculum, “Learn To Build,” in which he explains all of the ins and outs of construction. He is confident that he has codified and optimized the procedure. 

Newell asserts, “I am confident I can teach the process to anyone who is just getting into the space or looking to take the next step and scale. Be it through hiring the right people in the office or on the field, utilizing proper computer software, negotiating with material suppliers and vendors, or securing the capital.” Newell thinks it is essential to help those less informed than himself, and he plans to do so by sharing the knowledge he’s gained with others, thereby increasing the number of competent builders in the world.

Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes are some of the best home builders and providers for the average American. Their mission is to ensure that everyone in the United States has access to safe, affordable housing. “We believe that low-income renters shouldn’t pay more than one-fourth of their monthly income in housing costs. This guarantees that growing families won’t have to skimp on necessities,” Newell emphasized.

Roads, sewage and electrical systems, and other infrastructure are developed by SLD before any homes or businesses are built. Standard Land Development’s second division is M.J. Newell Homes. For all Standard Land Development’s properties, M.J. Newell Homes handles advertising, sales, and upkeep. Standard Land Development has constructed several new communities across the state of Florida. M.J. Newell Homes provides its clients the option of customizing one of six model homes or selecting from an already established portfolio of designs.

Standard Land Development is the best in creating new communities for Floridians to call home. To date, they have finished over 1,950 homes and businesses in Florida. Over the years, M.J. Newell Homes has constructed over 600 dwellings. The development of up to 490 single-family homes is scheduled for this year. But without a solid group and a dedication to teamwork, none of this would be possible.

If all goes according to plan, by 2023, M. J. Newell Homes will have produced 1,200 homes annually. Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes plan to improve the American housing system by constructing, among other things, a 987-unit build-to-rent single-family home community in Central Florida, a 1754-unit build-to-sell single-family home community in South Florida, a 160,000-square-foot retail plaza, 1266 single-family homes on in-fill lots, a 312-unit townhome community in Central North Carolina, and a 96-unit apartment building in Western South Carolina.

Standard Land Development will keep building affordable homes for Americans all over the country as long as the demand is there.


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