Jayneto, a Star on the Rise from Baltimore, Continues to Impress with His Lyrical Raps

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It takes a dreamer to create a dream. For as long as Jayneto can remember, he has wanted to be a famous musician. But he has even grander ambitions than that; he wants to be recognized alongside his idol, Michael Jackson, as the greatest entertainer in history.

Jayneto, now 23 years old, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 18 and grew up in St. Mary’s County. Music was introduced to him at a young age by his uncle Tony, an organist. Jayneto, then age 10, was so impressed by his uncle’s piano playing he adored him. The man who had such a profound impact on his professional life was indeed his uncle Tony. The year 2010 was sad for Jayneto, as it was the year he lost his favorite uncle and primary source of inspiration.

The loss nearly destroyed him, and he considered abandoning his aspiration to become a musician forever. It took a lot of courage and willpower to get back up and keep going. There was no magic formula for Jayneto’s self-discovery; instead, through trial and error, he eventually came to understand his true potential. Even choosing a performing name wasn’t something he did in the blink of an eye. Lil Jay, Lil Jay-Jay, verse’, and Young Jay were among the many monikers he went by before settling on Jayneto. Inspired by the Dutch monarchy’s Neto, he went by the stage name Jayneto. Furthermore, he picked this name because he sees himself as a guiding force who directs himself and his group in the right direction.

Outside of his late uncle Tony, his father and his friends Princelightskin, W.B.K., and SilentMontage, have been great backbones throughout his musical career. Jayneto credits his frame of mind with helping him overcome challenges he faced on the way. As he sees it, discipline is indispensable. In other words, if you lack self-control, you’re no better than a spoiled teen who, after being told no, decides to cut off all contact with the outside world. “The world won’t always work in your favor, so you have to figure out what’s best for you. Not everything works for everybody,” he said.

“Alcatraz,” his debut EP, was released in 2021. He was awarded a plaque for its success and the over 1.5 million streams it received. His first full-length album, “Where You Can’t Escape,” is currently in the works. A few of the album’s tracks, including “Abyss,” “Goodbye,” “I Wanna Know,” and “Rodeo,” are available on streaming services now. In typical Jayneto fashion, he is putting everything he has into this album in the hopes that it will propel him to the heights he has set for himself in the music industry.

What sets Jayneto apart is the originality of his rapping, which manifests itself in his choice of swagger, subject lyrics, and beats. Because he believes that many contemporary rappers are not sufficiently business savvy, he also devotes considerable attention to that area. It’s a beautiful, fun, and eye-opening experience because Jayneto genuinely values the craft of music-making, which includes blending sounds, bouncing ideas, and working with other artists. He longs for the day he can start touring and having genuine interactions with his audience.

The key to success, according to Jayneto, is to stay true to your vision and stick to it. In his words, “If you’re going to commit to something, go full throttle, and if it never works out for whatever reason, you can sit there and say you gave it your all and did everything you could.” To emphasize his point, he quoted Bruce Lee, saying if one tells themselves they can’t do something, they have accepted failure. Accepting defeat is something only a hopeless person would do.

You’ll find Jeyneto on Instagram as @jaynetox. Follow him to get acquainted.


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