Costume Designer & Make-Up Artist PinJu Wang Is Living the American Dream

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Passionate people look at the world from a very different angle. Most of their time is spent working towards what they believe in instead of wondering about the future. A common denominator between them is their vision and dedication to bringing their dreams to life. They have strong willpower, and giving up on their dreams is not an option. 

One of these determined and passionate people is PinJu Wang. She is a creative costume designer and a talented make-up artist. She has been working on honing her skills and making her mark and has gained a lot of experience over the years she’s been a costume designer. She moved to Los Angeles from Taiwan and can speak five languages. 

PinJu has had the opportunity to work on various movie projects. She has also worked as a costume designer for commercials, and many of these projects have won awards. PinJu has worked with big names in the industry, such as Samsung, Cocomelon, My Little Pony (assisted), and Marvel (assisted). These opportunities have helped her learn even more about the industry. 

She gained a lot of experience through initially working on low-budget movies where the team was smaller, and she had to make the most out of everything. It can be challenging to pull this off, but with the skills she gained, PinJu has found the right places to acquire materials and prepare the perfect costumes. Her creativity has opened many doors for her. 

What makes her journey so interesting is her passion for what she does. Challenges become a lot more interesting when you’re truly invested in the job you’re carrying out. People like PinJu are an inspiration for many of this generation’s aspiring creative artists. 

Despite everything that PinJu has achieved so far, she looks forward to joining the IATSE 705 by the end of this year. In addition, she is excited to land more big-budget movies to further showcase her creative talent. PinJu takes a lot of pride in the work she does and loves to look back every now and then to remind herself of how far she’s come in her career. 

Moreover, a feature film PinJu has worked on, Ryder, will be released on the 1st of September. She’s had to push herself and work immensely hard to deliver according to the director’s expectations, and the results will be astounding. Another one of her feature films, Momma Bird, won the best horror and best screenplay awards. 

PinJu has dedicated much of her time, effort, and passion to her career. She is focused on building her American dream, and with these breakthroughs, it is here. The work she has done so far speaks for itself. Establishing yourself in the Los Angeles creative industry can be challenging, but PinJu has refused to give up. 

She is an inspiration, and her ability to not give up is remarkable. PinJu has achieved many career milestones thus far in her successful career. Her creativity has brought her this far and will keep leading her to many more opportunities. 

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