Upcoming Philly Country/Rock Artist Mia Cefalo Makes Waves With New Single

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People always crave a new rhythm and new sound they can connect with. Thankfully, there are many passionate artists in this realm with a fearless approach who deviate from the conventional. From the heart of Philadelphia, a rising star is making her way into the music industry as a country and rock artist. She is Mia Cefalo, a talented music artist whose journey into the music realm is a story of grit and resilience. With her upcoming single, “Memory of You,” Mia promises to reshape the landscape of the genre, grabbing the spotlight that she deserves. 

It all started in 2020 when the global pandemic weakened economies around the world, and normal life came to a halt. Mia lost her job, and her then-roommate (now fiance), Luke Bernardi, was also jobless because he worked in weddings. They decided to turn this adversity into an opportunity by chasing their common passion for music. Luke was by then a seasoned music creator who had developed his skills over the years. However, Mia was new to the craft, but with her passion and determination, they started co-writing songs together. She had graduated with a BFA in musical theater and made a dramatic shift into the world of music with no prior experience. 

From the confines of their home, the journey began with recording songs, primarily in the country genre, because of Mia’s love for the music. The initial excitement of releasing her first song soon turned into disappointment as it failed to garner attention from listeners. She was so discouraged she even questioned continuing with her musical journey. 

Despite repeated failures, Mia continued releasing songs to reach an audience. To support her career financially, Mia worked a dead-end job where her colleagues and customers bullied her. A pivotal moment came when Luke wrote a song that immediately captivated Mia’s heart. Soon, they started recording it with a unique blend of country and rock and a subtle note of pop. A common friend who owns a studio helped a lot in breathing life into the song. 

Eventually, Mia took the leap of faith in May 2023 and quit her job to focus solely on her music career. The captivating lyrics became a soul-soothing single titled “Memory of You.” It is a song that portrays grief and heartache, something millions can relate to. The heart-warming verse combined with emotionally blazing music adds a unique vibe to the song. 

“Memory of You” will officially be released on September 23rd this year and will be available on all streaming platforms. However, fans have a pre-save option on September 21. Mia and Luke are optimistic that this new track, with its authentic appeal and raw music, will mark a new beginning in their careers. “Memory of You” is also Mia’s tenth release, a remarkable milestone in her career as an artist. 

Mia has also joined a band as a singer, adding another feather to her cap. It is a Philadelphia-based party and wedding band that recognized her talent in a single audition. She was given a week to learn 40 songs, and now Mia performs with the band every weekend. 

From being bullied in school as a “theater kid” to being bullied in the workplace and even enduring several failures as an artist, Mia has survived it all with an undying creative spirit to chase her passion for music. Her perseverance and newfound confidence are inspiring for many aspiring artists who are in a similar situation. 

Going forward, Mia wants to tour as an accomplished rock and country artist. Above all, she aims to touch millions of hearts with her music, weaving experiences and emotions through her melodies. She will continue to shine as a musician no matter what comes her way. 


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