Scilence has Song Writing Down Packed with her New 2023 Live Studio Album

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The alluring electronic pop artist hailing from the DMV area is bringing an invigorating spicy sound with her 2023 album “Scilence Unplugged (The Live LP). Scilence has a playful energy with her auto-tuned enriched vocals. There’s latin, jazz, classical, reggae, hip hop, and more genre’s you can expect to hear off this album.

The album starts off with a bang, with the first track titled “Lo Dudo pt ll”. This song is a response record to Josè Josè’s 1983 Latin ballad “Lo Dudo” which translates too “I doubt it”. The harmonious autotune and the uncanny backup chanting “drugs-yeah”, really sets the tone of the album.

The original song by Josè Josè is about a man who is head over heels for a woman, but she ends up leaving him for another man. He states that he doubts the other man can make her as happy as he once did. In Scilence’s response song “Lo Dudo pt ll” is basically her apologizing for leaving him. However Scilence puts a quirky twist to it, stating that she left him for a drug addiction.

“Hollyweird DMT” is the next song on the live album and the first song to introduce the jazz horns and string quartet, which you hear continuously throughout the entire album. The lyrics are so relatable because at some point in every human beings life, we have all been made to feel inadequate. The despairing songwriting on here is magnificently put together and well expressed.

“Hollyweird DMT” is based off of a true story of young woman by the name of Peg Entwistle, with a dream of making it as a Hollwood actress. Unfortunately her dream was never able to come into fruition as she jumped off of the letter H on the Hollwood sign in 1932, which ended her life.

The album has an undeniable psychedelic undertone which fans can always expect from Scilence. Speaking on the first two songs off of the project was just touching the surface. Have a listen for yourself here: Stream my music | Linktree

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