Robin J. Cherian Hosts Listening Party for New Song Inspired by His Book, “Sundaram”

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WINTER PARK, FL–Robin J. Cherian hosted an event on July 13, which featured a book signing of his new memoir, Sundaram: A Husband’s Story of the Everlasting Love of Svitlana Cherian. The event was held at “Morse Code Lounge” in Winter Park, FL, where the author was able to connect with readers and other supporters. A DJ was also featured at the event for a SoundCloud Launch party which included a new song inspired by the book. Jasmine Rhey’s new song “Sundaram” was heard by the world for the first time that night, but its lasting impact will continue to entice listeners to read the book that inspired its production. 

Sundaram: A Husband’s Story of the Everlasting Love of Svitlana Cherian

Mr. Cherian is a Detroit-born author, father and sales executive who first released this book about his late wife Svitlana Oleksandrivna Cherian, who tragically passed away in October just last year. The book is a memoir that celebrates her life, the power of love, and the intercultural love story between Robin and Svitlana Cherian. Following their first meeting in 2019, Robin and Svitlana married and began their journey through life together – the memoir recounts their profound love and deep connection, as well as the lessons Robin gained from their life together. The story testifies to the power of love and loss, all while discussing the impact Svitlana had on those who looked up to her. “Death is something that happens in life, not something that happens to life,” says Mr. Cherian when discussing the themes within the book. “I think that there’s something to be said about the monumental impact that love can have on our lives, even in the face of loss. That is something I hope readers gain from my story with Svitlana, even through all the hardships I and her loved ones may continue to face without her.”

The Kindle E-book is available for purchase, as well as the paperback version on Amazon. Mr. Cherian has also announced that a portion of the proceeds from each purchase of his book will be donated towards supporting Ukraine and those affected by the ongoing conflict. “I believe that, together, we can bring hope and healing to the people in need,” says Mr. Cherian. “By writing this book, I hoped to capture the essence of my everlasting love for Svitlana and the deep connection we shared. Sundaram is not only a tribute to Svitlana, but also a testament to the power of love that continues to endure even after loss. I hope that readers are inspired to cherish their own relationships, appreciate the beauty of love, and find strength in the face of adversity.” 

Now, Mr. Cherian hopes to continue his journey through life while spreading Svitlana’s story. The event celebrating Mr. Cherian’s book release gave readers a chance to meet the author and connect with him about the lessons and memories written about in his story. With Jasmine Rhey’s new song inspired by the beautiful love story, readers are given a more dynamic experience of the book by incorporating both written word and music. In order to participate in the celebration of Svitlana Cherian’s life and for more information about Mr. Cherian’s book, visit his website.


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