Rebuilding Lives: The Felony Girls’ Mission of Empowerment 

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(F) Female (E) Entrepreneurs (L) Launching (O) Opportunities (N) Never (Y) Yielding 

In a world where second chances are often hard to come by, the Felony Girls are rewriting the script, championing a mission of empowerment, redemption, and rebuilding. Founded by Starr Austin, Dominica Sharda, and Rashida Morgan, the Felony Girls embody the acronym FELONY: Female. Entrepreneurs. Launching. Opportunities. Never. Yielding.

Their journey is not just about entrepreneurship; it’s a crusade for change—a commitment to provide hope and support for those navigating the challenging path of reentry into society after incarceration. Central to their mission is the aspiration to establish reentry homes, strategically located near their residences or within the states they reside in. These homes will serve as safe havens, offering resources, guidance, and support to individuals seeking to rebuild their lives post-incarceration.

As they navigate this transformative journey, the Felony Girls are aligning forces with Tiffany Gaines, a seasoned celebrity and advocacy publicist. Together, they are strategizing on how to amplify their message and expand their reach through various channels, including advocacy groups, panel discussions, and media appearances.

Despite the inevitable challenges and skepticism, they may face along the way, the Felony Girls remain steadfast in their resolve. They refuse to be silenced, knowing that their voices are a beacon of hope for those who deserve a second chance. They understand the importance of reshaping societal perceptions and challenging the stigma surrounding individuals with criminal histories.

In their pursuit of change, the Felony Girls are also gearing up to launch merchandise, providing their community of supporters with an opportunity to contribute to their cause. Every purchase will not only support their goals but also serve as a symbol of solidarity in the fight for redemption and empowerment.

For the Felony Girls, the road ahead may be challenging, but they are undeterred. They are warriors for change, advocates for justice, and champions of second chances. Through their unwavering dedication and collaboration with Tiffany Gaines, they are paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future—one where individuals are judged not by their past mistakes but by their present actions and future potential.

In addition to their efforts in the community, the Felony Girls invite you to connect with them on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Follow them on these platforms to stay updated on their journey and show your support for their cause.





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