John Cena Stuns Viewers by Wearing His Birthday Suit to the Oscars

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WWE star and actor John Cena made headlines at the 2024 Oscars ceremony with his unconventional choice of attire, donning a beige modesty garment while presenting an award. The unexpected fashion statement added a touch of humour to the prestigious event and sparked widespread conversation among viewers.

Cena’s Modesty Garment Revelation

Backstage photos from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood captured Cena wearing a pale piece of underwear-shaped fabric, strategically placed to cover his private parts. The strapless brief provided coverage for both his buttocks and crotch, reflecting Cena’s playful approach to the evening’s proceedings.

Confidence Amidst Unconventional Attire

Despite the unconventional attire, Cena exuded confidence as he engaged in conversation with a show producer backstage. The WWE star appeared at ease, displaying a relaxed demeanour and not making any attempts to adjust or conceal the modesty garment.

Playful Streaker Reference

Cena’s choice of attire was a playful response to host Jimmy Kimmel’s reference to a streaker incident at the Oscars 50 years prior. Kimmel humorously mused about the possibility of a nude man interrupting the ceremony, prompting Cena to humorously emerge from the stage set with only a pair of Birkenstocks and an envelope covering his modesty.

Reluctant Participation in Streaker Bit

Initially hesitant to participate in the streaker bit, Cena eventually relented at Kimmel’s urging, albeit with reservations about the tastelessness of the idea. With a sense of irony, Cena proceeded to present the award for best costume design while humorously emphasizing the importance of costumes in show business.

Elegant Resolution and Award Presentation

As Cena struggled to open the envelope without exposing himself, Kimmel intervened to assist in announcing the nominees. Meanwhile, producers rushed to Cena’s side and adorned him in a gold toga, adding a touch of theatricality to the moment. Cena and Kimmel then announced costume designer Holly Waddington as the winner of the award for “Poor Things.”


John Cena’s playful and unexpected appearance at the 2024 Oscars ceremony injected a dose of humour and lightheartedness into the prestigious event. With his confident demeanour and humorous approach to the streaker reference, Cena entertained audiences and added a memorable moment to the evening’s proceedings.

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