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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s red carpet mystery conversation revealed

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The reason why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez seemed tense during their red-carpet appearance at the premiere of “Mother” on Wednesday, May 10, has been revealed. 

According to a lip reader speaking to the Daily Mail, the couple was simply discussing poses and positioning for the red carpet photographers at the Los Angeles event, which caused them to appear frustrated and irritated at times. The lip reader noted that during the exchange, the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer appeared to ask the “Justice League” star if her low-cut top was revealing too much, to which he responded that it was acceptable. This conversation has since gone viral.

After settling on their joint pose, Affleck seemed to whisper into his wife’s ear, “Don’t worry, babe.” In response, Lopez requested, “Come close to me.” 

Once their photos were complete, Affleck turned to Lopez, declaring, “That’s us, done,” and then kissed her while checking if she was alright. Lopez confirmed, “Yes,” and then directed Affleck to “step over there.” 

The couple continued to display affection, with Affleck affectionately watching as JLo reapplied her lip gloss. Although the tension on the red carpet seemed to have dissipated, negative press surrounded the couple once again when a TikTok video circulated, showing Affleck “slamming” her door. The footage, perceived as “miserable,” was recorded a day before the “Mother” premiere, leading fans to speculate about a possible argument between the two.

Fans speculated that the couple was engaged in a heated argument. 

“Ohh s–t! That’s Ben Affleck visibly irritated slamming that door on Jennifer Lopez,” one person tweeted. 

Another commenter noted, “You can ‘have it all’ and still be miserable.” 

Some viewers, yet, dismissed the incident as the A-listers reacting to the presence of a paparazzo, causing frustration.


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