Celebrating Excellence: A Journey Through Art and Recognition

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Embracing Success with AlphaOne Int’l’s “Glamour Woman of the Year” and “Art Entrepreneur” Awardee

In a dazzling celebration of artistic mastery and entrepreneurial vision, Stasia Lev, the owner of an esteemed Art Gallery in Chicago, achieves a prestigious milestone, being honored as the “Glamour Woman of the Year 2023 – Art Entrepreneur.”

The Path to Success: Forging a Global Footprint

Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Stasia Lev embarked on a journey fueled by a passion for the arts. Armed with a master’s in graphic design from the University of Technology and Design, Saint Petersburg, her pursuit of excellence led her across continents. Prior to settling in Chicago, she immersed herself in the vibrant cultural milieu of Shanghai, China, where her international odyssey unfolded.

As a connoisseur of art, Stasia cultivated expertise in art history, economics, and a robust international network. A beacon of guidance and mentorship, she imparts knowledge at the Art Institute of Chicago, nurturing budding talents and launching aspiring artists into their careers.

The Artistic Vision: Redefining Galleries and Curating Harmony

Her journey into motherhood prompted a shift in perspective, redefining her approach to business and family. Seeking an equilibrium between her professional endeavors and personal life, Stasia Lev ingeniously crafted a haven within her life’s narrative—an art space, an extension of her soul, curated with exquisite artworks.

Despite the initial challenges in translating her vision into reality, Stasia Lev stood unwavering, guided by an unwavering passion for her craft. The art space became a sanctuary where art enthusiasts and collectors immersed themselves in a seamless fusion of artistic brilliance and personal connections.

Curating Art and Impacting Lives: A Visionary’s Odyssey

For Stasia Lev, the process of curating exhibitions transcends the mere selection of artworks. It’s a symphony of visual harmony, meticulously crafting exhibitions that resonate with the soul. Her commitment to showcasing emerging talents and supporting womxn artists is a testament to her dedication towards fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the art world.

The Future Unveiled: Bridging Generations and Creating Bonds

As she navigates the art market, Stasia Lev remains devoted to nurturing emerging artists, fostering bonds that transcend generations. The gallery serves as more than just a business—it’s a vibrant community, a haven for sharing experiences, forging relationships, and nurturing growth.

In a world where passion meets purpose, Stasia Lev’s journey epitomizes the fusion of artistry, entrepreneurship, and community-building. Her commitment to shaping the future of art stands as an inspiration, igniting a ripple effect that transcends canvases and transforms lives.


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