Alzheimer’s Disease Confirmed as ‘The Price Is Right’ Host Bob Barker’s Cause of Death

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Television icon Bob Barker, renowned for hosting ‘The Price is Right’ for over three decades, has sadly passed away at the age of 99 due to Alzheimer’s disease, as confirmed by multiple reports on Tuesday, September 5. Barker’s death certificate, issued on August 26, cited Alzheimer’s as the primary cause of his demise, with contributing factors including hypertension, hypothyroidism, and hyperlipidemia.
TMZ was the first to break the news, followed by reports from Entertainment Tonight, People magazine, and ABC7. Barker had been battling Alzheimer’s for several years prior to his passing. His publicist, Roger Neal, announced the sad news in August, describing Barker as “the World’s Greatest MC who ever lived.”

Barker’s legacy in the world of television is unparalleled. He served as the face of ‘The Price is Right’ from 1972 to 2007, earning recognition from Guinness World Records as TV’s Most Durable Performer. His impact extended beyond the screen, as he actively promoted vegetarianism as a preventive measure against Alzheimer’s. In a 2013 promotional video for PETA, Barker attributed his mental and physical well-being to more than three decades of vegetarianism.

In the video, Barker stated, “I became a vegetarian more than 30 years ago, and almost immediately felt healthier and had more energy. But being vegetarian doesn’t just help your body; it also helps your mind. Studies show that the more meat you eat, the greater your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.” He concluded by urging viewers to “eat vegetarian and keep your wits about you until a ripe old age” to protect their memory.

Alzheimer’s remains a significant health concern, with an estimated 6.7 million adults aged 65 and older in the U.S. living with the disease in 2023, predominantly affecting women, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

In honor of Bob Barker’s remarkable career, CBS paid tribute to the iconic host with a primetime special titled “The Price is Right: A Tribute to Bob Barker.” Drew Carey, who succeeded Barker as the show’s host, presided over the special. Expressing his sadness on social media, Carey wrote, “There hasn’t been a day on set that I didn’t think of Bob Barker and thank him. I will carry his memory in my heart forever.”

Barker’s contributions to television were celebrated with numerous accolades, including 18 Daytime Emmy Awards and a Daytime Emmy for lifetime achievement in 1999. Additionally, in early 2004, he was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.
Bob Barker’s passing marks the end of an era in television, but his legacy as a compassionate advocate for animal rights and a proponent of healthy living will continue to inspire generations to come.

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