Music is the closest thing the world has to a universal language; a study performed by Harvard University scientists found that, of the 315 different societies of which they had records, all had mentions of music. The scientists also found that different types of songs, such as dance songs or lullabies, are ubiquitous across the world, and they even share certain musical features.

“Music has the power to comfort the hurting and heal the broken-spirited,” shares Abel Maxwell. “That’s one of the things I love the most about it.”

Abel Maxwell’s first encounters with music happened when he was very young. He was six when his father first took him to music school, but he soon found his own footing in it. Maxwell soon took note of artists such as Stevie Wonder, whose artistry and level of excellence inspired him to take on music even more seriously. He found out, early on, that discipline, persistence, and confidence play an important role in succeeding in any field, music included.

Today, Maxwell is a sought-after, inspiring artist with fans all over North America, Europe, and Africa, but he didn’t start there. Abel Maxwell had to go through some trials and tribulations of his own. At one point in his life, he had to make the difficult decision to follow his dream across the Atlantic, and relocate from his native Dakar, Senegal to Lyon, France and then to Toronto, Canada. He was penniless, he didn’t speak English, and he had no connections to help him out once he got there. It was a leap of faith, and he made it on his own.

In the ten years since he made the big move, however, Abel Maxwell had his instincts proven correct and all the hardships of those early days vindicated. Even though he’s become a bestselling author, a spokesperson, and an influencer, he also found success as a musician. Never one to rest on his laurels, Maxwell is always finding new ways to improve himself, his performance style, and his skills, and provide more meaningful and enlightening entertainment to his audiences. So far, he has released four albums and performed internationally, touching the lives of everyone who’s had the chance to hear him.

So when asked what kind of message he’d like the people listening to his music to take away, Abel Maxwell answers without skipping a beat: never give up. “Whatever you dream to undertake, just never give up,” he says. “Keep moving forward no matter the obstacles and don’t pay attention to the people judging you. One day, when you get to realize your dreams, your biggest critics will say they’ve been your biggest fans from the start. That’s just the ugly side of human nature, and you want to focus on the good and the pure.”

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