Zevar– A bootstrapped Jewellery brand earning crores amid Pandemic

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Zevar is India’s one of the biggest imitation Jewellery brands owned by eZevar Private Limited founded by Yugal Singh Chouhan in the year 2020 amid a Pandemic and continued to flourish even amid new surges of Covid 19. Zevar brand made a foray into the digital space with fashion imitation jewellery where everyone can find the right kind of costume jewellery to meet their style needs. Needless to mention, online commerce has brought people closer home in terms of convenience and options and reputed imitation jewellery brand Zevar started gaining a loyal following leading to customer trust. The bootstrapped company further witnessed more than INR 4 Cr worth of turnover since its formation. is currently operating across online marketplaces with social media presence. It’s their top-notch products that have driven the company’s growth and came out on top at the moment when businesses all across the globe were struggling to survive the economic fallout of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Connecting People to India’s most beautiful products, is about bringing the world a little closer together. The best designs are crafted by renowned craftsmen and artisans from all over India and deliver at an exceptional value to the members. With unique and high-quality craftsmanship, focuses on products like accessories, jewellery, apparel, gifts, and many more items. Being a storyteller about their amazing range of jewellery products and the people behind them is helping people shop with the right jewellery products at a price point that is attractive to customers.

It goes without saying that whether you’re dressing for a party or for work, accessories are essential to complete your outfit. The creative personality Yugal’s vision was essential in inspiring him to speak about his hopes and ambitions. His genuine desire to create something great pushed him to his boundaries in order to attain large goals, yet his desire to make something great constantly sparked his mind. Nothing comes easy for Yugal, but after overcoming all of the obstacles in his path, he focused on building Zevar. The decision to enter the fashion jewellery market was motivated by the ever-increasing demand, particularly during pandemics when online purchasing had become the new normal and had captured buyers’ attention.

Covid 19 is correct. Customers are shifting to online platforms rather than navigating to crowded marketplaces to look for the best products in town, as the pandemic has changed the rules of shopping. Ninety per cent of people have changed their purchasing behaviour, and customers are shifting to online platforms rather than moving to crowded marketplaces to look for the best products in town. Without a question, due to the conveniences, easiness, and variety of products available, online demand will continue to rise year after year.

Yugal has created a platform of genuine and fashionable jewellery as a result of this situation. The brand’s quick success can be credited to the company’s global e-commerce-driven digital-first approach to providing customers with the finest options. Despite the fact that the Pandemic has risen a global development in most of the fashion sector, many direct-to-consumer jewellery manufacturers have seen good changes.

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