Zamage Clothing Harnesses the Power of Social Media to Boost Its Sales Exponentially

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Zamage is an American clothing store that has become one of the most sought-after names in the world of street style today. After a successful stint with their offline stores, Zamage is harnessing the power of social medial to boost its sales.

For Zac Sheaffer, the founder of Zamage, the transition from offline to online was easy because it had always been about building a community, reaching out to the young and the old, and keeping a sense of security, positivity, and hope alive in those you share this world with. The brand’s engagement on Instagram echoes its online presence and a thriving community. With more than 425K followers and counting, Zamage rejoices in celebrating its customers and their choices. Zac says, “Our Instagram page has this old-enmeshed-with-new kind of vibe. We wanted to use the online space to tell people that we are all about style, both timeless and trending. At Zamage, we like to keep up with good ideas because like good style, good ideas too are timeless. Therefore, you’ll notice that our focus is not on creating presentations of new styles every week, but to use the style that’s worked for us to showcase what people come to us for – the many interpretations of fashion.”

Zamage’s Instagram handle is one of the few serious-but-fun pages out there. Their strategy has helped them create a loyal fanbase who like the unusual mix of certainty and surprise. With an average of 1000 likes and about 500 comments generated on every post, it’s clear how well the brand’s customers and supporters engage with the brand. Zac says, “I am a people person and a community person, and the online space has given me the chance to scale up my interactions with other like-minded individuals who happen to love the styles we offer at Zamage.” Here’s wishing Zamage a world of likes and success.

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