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Yung Curl, JoshfromYNC, Fredo Starr and Sticky Fingaz Filming a New Movie called One Mic

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Corley White a.k.a Yung Curl and Joshfromync a.k.a Joshua Heatherington are on the rise in the Independent Movie Industry. They just completed their first independent movie called, Get Lost. This was their first project in the movie industry and it turned out phenomenal. It is staring some big names including, Fatboy SSE, Justina Valentine, Shiggy, Bill Collector and ATown. Get Lost can now be streamed on Tubi so be sure to go check it out and it will soon be on Amazon prime.
Now their rise to greatness is flowing strong because they just began filming a new movie with the legend Fredo Starr and Sticky Fingaz. This new Movie is called One Mic and they are still in the process of filming and still need some actors to fill in some major roles and some extra roles. If interested reach out on Instagram to @yung_curlt.k or @joshfromync. They will be filming throughout the summer and be on the lookout to stream this movie on Tubi and Amazon this coming fall.

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