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Youngest Freelance Author and Content writer of India

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Akshat Sharma (known as AKSHAT WRAITH) is the youngest freelance author of India. He wrote his first book when he was in college. His first book name is “The Backbenchers – a story of true love” published in 2021. He was just 20 when he wrote his first book. He is a very dedicated author.  He is graduated from GGDSD College Chandigarh. he is actually from a Mandi town in (Himachal Pradesh). He belongs to a middle-class family. He is very much admired by Chetan bhagat who is also a very popular Indian author. He wants to be like him. Akshat Wraith is also a digital social media expert. He knows all about the computers and the well-known social handles. His main aim is to become a very popular author. His Favorite game is basketball.  according to our sources may he start his business in future. How he started writing? In covid-19 when everyone is under pandemic pressure, he started writing books his room when the feel bore. He raised his interest in writing. He started writing just to pass his time in a good manner but when he’s writing he linked a short part of his story to a meaningful set of words and he published his first book. When everyone is passing time on T.V. and mobile phones he uses his time to do something productive. 
Akshat wraith is also a digital marketer.
Akshat Wraith is a seeker, observer, and opportunist from his childhood. He loves to explore himself in every possible way. The attitude for exploration of himself led him to give a try at management, internet marketing, writing, gym and many more in addition to his studies.This was his urge and habit of exploration that took him to the amazing world of digital marketing at a very young age when he was in his early 18. Then after, he started dedicating his time in this very new world and found that it could be his career option, so he didn’t take the opportunity for granted and started working on it, with himself without any course just by learning the procedure at the internet and applying it in a very real situation. In fact, he has achieved his skills and knowledge practically, i.e., by using the known skills, learning from the mistakes, and improving his skills on regular basis.

 The official Instagram handle of Akshat Sharma (Akshat Wraith) is – Akshatwraith 

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