Young Entrepreneur Pasquale Minasi Explains How to Be an Effective Leader

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While Pasquale Minasi may only be 27 years old, he has already proven himself to be an excellent leader. This entrepreneur has founded BlueMagic Group, which runs a hair transplant clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey. As an entrepreneur at heart, Pasquale has long felt determined to help lead others and get them to think like entrepreneurs themselves.

This is the sign of a true leader. The best leaders don’t want followers; they want other leaders. Pasquale realized early on that thinking as an entrepreneur leads to greater innovation and progress. Given his extensive involvement in the hair transplant industry, he knows just how important these are. After all, hair loss can be incredibly challenging to combat. Thanks to his entrepreneurial mindset, he has employed three leading-edge hair transplant technologies that have helped countless clients regain their hair and confidence. 

As a leader of a company that has employees, Pasquale is always encouraging them to express their full potential and think as entrepreneurs do. This has led to further development, progress, and innovation that has resulted in his clinic becoming one of the best in the world. He wants everyone to think like a leader. “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers,” he says.

BlueMagic Group’s vision is to be the leading provider of hair transplantation services in the markets in which it operates. Given how many satisfied customers the company has already received, it is clear that it is well on its way to being exactly that.

Pasquale is someone who thinks big, as all great leaders do. He says, “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” Thinking big is what led him to end up establishing a clinic in Turkey, as well as a head consultancy office in England, along with a medical consultancy office in Albania. It also led to him providing a true five-star experience for clients who come to receive a hair transplant. It is something that is unlike anything else any other clinic currently offers. 

With glowing testimonials pouring in continuously, BlueMagic Group Clinic seems to be doing something right. This level of success is something that Pasquale believes didn’t magically fall into his lap. He thinks it was always there, waiting to happen. He believes that “Success is not what you have, but who you are.” Being success-minded has led to the real-world success Pasquale enjoys today. It is a point that he emphasizes to other aspiring and young entrepreneurs who want to achieve the same level of success he has.

BlueMagic Group wants to help people restore their hair for their image, for their confidence, and for themselves. As someone who has had a hair transplant himself a few years ago, he knows firsthand just how helpful it can be all around.

The hair transplant option is appealing to people who have suffered hair loss due to things like lifestyle diseases, genetics, stress, lack of vitamins, and unhealthy nutrition. While there are new treatment methods constantly being researched and developed, the most effective and certain solution for hair loss is still a hair transplant procedure.

Pictured above is some of the candidates of the last BlueMagic Group recruitment event that took place in October 2020

Pasquale studied everything he could about hair loss and various treatment methods. What he always came back to was the fact that hair transplant procedures were still the best options available. That is why he honed in on them, selectively choosing which ones to study further and provide as solutions to hair loss for clients. Thanks to his dedication to understanding hair transplant procedures and treatments extensively, his clinic provides an exceptional guarantee.

To date, BlueMagic Group has successfully completed over 21,000 hair transplants. Every single procedure and treatment has excelled in its league, providing satisfaction to every patient. As a company that knows just how life-changing a hair transplant can be, it is fully committed to giving its patients a safe, comfortable, luxurious, and unforgettable experience from start to finish. 

From the moment a client has their initial consultation, to the time when they have their post-operative check-up, BlueMagic Group ensures they receive high-quality service. Pasquale and his clinic believe so strongly in the long-term effectiveness of the procedures and treatments, and guarantee your hair will never fall out again. 

Today, BlueMagic Clinic in Istanbul sees clients coming from all over the world who want to take advantage of the best hair transplant treatments available today, provided by Pasquale and his team. He knows just how effectively these techniques are thanks to personal experience, and wishes for as many people as possible to reap the rewards as he has. 

To learn more about Pasquale Minasi’s BlueMagic Group Clinic, you can head over to the official website. You can also follow Pasquale on Instagram @pasqualebmg and head over to his website to learn more about this entrepreneur.


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