You Can Either Find Success or Find Excuses — Jason Humble

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Building a successful career or business is a long-term goal for almost everyone. It is often said that there are no shortcuts to success. Whether you’ve started a brand new venture or are looking to scale up, success comes to those who stay committed to their dreams. Jason Humble is well-versed with the challenges and rewards of forging your own success. He firmly believes that you can either work towards your goals or find excuses.

Jason Humble has turned his passion for finances and technology into a lucrative career. He was not handed the opportunities that led to his success but created them himself with an immense desire for success and unstoppable ambition. By refusing to let his difficult upbringing hold him back, he used it to move forward. Eventually, Humble stayed focused, and success was within his grasp. Today, Jason Humble is the CEO of Humble Capital Group. A sought-after consultant and advisor, Humble has consulted in raising millions for proprietary technology companies and commodity trading. He added, “My path to building a successful company was froth with challenges. I refused to let it hold me back. I stayed focused, and the rest is history.”

Jason Humble prides himself on cultivating strong relationships and his execution of ideas, as these traits are what earn him referrals. Humble considers himself a winner, despite not closing 100% of his business deals. When this happens, he does not make excuses but examines the situation to find out what might have gone wrong and determine what he needs to be successful in his next endeavor. This allows Humble to create new opportunities in the environment he has built for himself. It is also a hallmark of the emotional intelligence people need to reach the upper echelons of their industry.

Jason Humble has incorporated his no-excuses philosophy directly into his namesake company. By including elements such as high standards, integrity, continuous challenges, and growth, one can clearly see that an expectation of excellence is a key to his success. Humble encourages people to follow their dreams and not relent until they are successful. He does this by teaching financial literacy and showing people what they can accomplish as long as they do not allow excuses to get in the way. Humble believes in welcoming adversity with open arms, as this is part of his blueprint for success.

From being in the foster system of New York’s gritty projects to a CEO and highly experienced trader, Jason Humble refused to be a statistic in a bad situation. Instead of finding excuses, he found success and strives to be an inspiration. If he can rise to prominence despite his tough background, so can others, and he is on a mission to help them get there. Mr. Humble firmly believes the first to adversity in life wins.


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