YMP Norway: Following Trends On Social Media

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On the outskirts of Norway lies the head office for newly introduced Your Marketing Partner, a digital media agency focused on clients in the non-profit and government industry. The masterminds behind the concept have kept their cards to themselves since the organization’s inception earlier this year.

Truls Aandal & Jordan Daley (left to right) Photo: Twitter

Truls Aandal, the founder of Your Marketing Partner opens up about how marketing can be successful without a marketing budget.

– For our clients, we focus on getting in the trends. Brand Awareness campaigns can be amazing in terms of brand recall and engagement, but tailoring specific posts to rank high in trends, for example on Twitter gives you higher credibility and allows you to stand out from those who pay to get noticed. Not that paid media is a bad thing, but trend ranking and marketing is extremely effective, even for the regular social media user.

Secretive but enthusiastic

While we wish we could share success stories of how we’ve helped certain accounts go from unknown to very well known, we can’t. One of the most important things for our company is client trust and transparency. We operate under strict Non Disclosure Agreements with all our clients. What we can share though, is that since our inception in July 2020, we’ve seen an explosive interest in the concept we’ve formed; providing marketing counselling for high value accounts in the NGO and government sector, free of charge.

How does a company stay profitable if their services are free?

– We don’t only work with government and NGO accounts. Our representation in the United States works with a handful of small to medium sized businesses, public figures and entertainment organizations. In August 2020, Your Marketing Partner and entertainment organization VivaceHub merged, bringing in over 100 standalone clients within everything from fashion, gaming to online entertainment.

Excited to be part of groundbreaking concepts

Jordan Daley, founder of VivaceHub and now co-founder of YMP runs operations for YMP in the United States, mainly focusing on the business and entertainment clientele.

– When I first heard about the unique concept of Your Marketing Partner, I was intrigued to find out more. Truls and I have been working together on other ventures, and being able to collaborate on something at this level is very exciting, especially seeing the market differ during the global pandemic we’re all currently in. While it was somewhat scary merging my company into something new, I trusted that the process was in good hands, seeing what Truls has accomplished in such a short time, Jordan states.


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