Yashodaa Entertainment: Making economical wedding dreams come true at affordable prices.

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An occasion or a significant moment comes only once in life, and it is impossible to turn the clock back and revisit or make changes to that great day. Those moments need to be planned well and managed in such a grand and extravagant way that there should be no regrets in the later days. Good arrangements and excellent event management indeed act as catalysts in making the memories more beautiful and the day more special. The role of event management is to enhance the quality of events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, and they take care of the entire event on their own. Yashodaa Entertainment is one such esteemed organization that is determined to make the events grand and visually aesthetic.

It is often shown in movies that it requires a lot of money to hire wedding planners and to hold a wedding in a rich and grand manner. But, the team at Yashodaa Entertainment claims that their main motive is to erase that myth from people’s minds and prove that weddings can be held in a grand manner even at affordable prices, without compromising on the quality or the features that are provided. Yashodaa Entertainment is determined to blend wedding planners and event management into every wedding and make it more familiar and mandatory in the wedding culture.

Yashodaa Entertainment was initially started in 2014 and got registered as a company in 2015. The firm was started with a dream and motive to make middle-class wedding fantasies and dreams come true with less cost. Right from the first day, the firm strived hard for this genuine attempt, and it wasn’t money or a mere business deal. Instead, it is the happiness of people and the memories they cherish that make Yashodaa Entertainment very successful in that aspect and keeps on adding happy customers to their list with every passing day. Yashodaa Entertainment specialises in budget wedding planning, providing grandeur and exceptional vision at affordable and economical prices. They are flexible and adaptive enough that they can plan events at a range of 2 lakhs and even at a range of 50 lakhs with the same commitment and work spirit. With over seven years of experience, the firm is still offering its services at the best prices in the entire Telangana and is looking forward to normalising the culture of wedding planners in Telugu weddings.

Gautam Perumalaa, the Managing Director of the company, states that he wishes to make unprecedented changes in the industry of wedding planning and event management. He is inspired to bring the dreams of middle-class weddings into reality, and he is ready to travel any extra miles for that purpose. What drives Goutham forward is his work and passion for achieving and fulfilling the mission and vision of Yashodaa Entertainment. Goutham is relentlessly working all the time to expand the services of event management, and he often states that event management is much like the hospitality industry. He believes that event management firms must be customer-centric and be able to meet the expectations of their customers. He is looking forward to utilising the technological advancements in the event management industry and is toying with the idea of adding advanced and automated light and sound to indoor events.

Contact Details:

Gautam Perumalaa


Post Graduate in Diploma in Event Management and Wedding Planning

Phone: 9701209261



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