World’s Top 5 Self-publishers of 2022

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  1. Apple Books: Not only is Apple known for its Mac and iOS platforms, but it’s also famous for providing e-books for its customers. By 2012, it was reported that more than 400 million books had been downloaded from the Apple Books platform. Apple launched its self-publishing wing for Apple Books in 2010. Monetizing your book isn’t as easy as Amazon KDP or Kobo, but the customer base is huge with its direct marketing to iPhones and Mac users. For most books, the royalty rate is set at a flat 70%. There are few caveats to consider. You have to be a Mac user to upload to Apple Books, but it’s free to upload. On top of that, you have to use the epub format, which isn’t compatible everywhere as of now, but the epub format is gaining popularity.
  1. StreetLib: This Italian aggregator provides a very strong international supply chain with a special focus on the market and self-publishing companies in Europe and Latin America. It has even managed to touch some of Africa’s major retailers and markets after it targeted Egypt in 2019. Their quick growth is attributed to a strong expansion into Europe, Latin America, and Africa in a relatively short period of time, all the while keeping in touch with other online retailers and distributors such as Amazon, Kobo, Indigo, Tolino, Apple Books, Google Play, Scribd, and more. If you want the USA and UK included in your distribution list, StreetLib has your back. Their website is configured in many languages, and they charge 10% royalties on sales. So, if you’re targeting worldwide sales for your self-published books, keep an eye out for StreetLib.
  1. Saffronberry: Started firstly as an editing company, it expanded its services to self-publishing and is now one of the best self-publishing companies of the world. It is also the one providing most affordable self-publishing packages. They charge no royalties from the author and are also the medium to make your book available all across the globe, all from a single window. Their target market is mostly based in India but they have escalated the advancement in the UK and the USA since February 2022. If you are looking for an affordable self-publishing house in India, then Saffronberry is the one to go with. With all the languages available to be published and with money-back guarantee on dissatisfaction, they have added guaranteed sales into their high-end services, making it the only self-publishing company to do so. So, if you’re targeting maximum exposure, good to great sales team and one of the best marketing teams, then keep your eyes on Saffronberry. 
  1. Lulu: Lulu provides a set of author services and its own retail store for your books, so you can be confident that you can see your book published for sure when you use them. By 2014, Lulu had issued nearly two million titles, and by 2016, they had more than 900,000 e-books. Self-publishing on Lulu is quite simple. Simply upload the book, and later, with their services, you can see your book on their website and also have it distributed to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and other retail outlets. They will help you through every stage of the self-publishing process. Their royalty rate is also lucrative, with 80% for print books and up to 90% for e-books. Self-publishing is free, but other self-publishing services such as cover design, formatting, and marketing are not.
  1. Amazon KDP: Before you consider Amazon solely for your self-publishing career, you should also know that there are other players in the market who’re upping their game in unique and strong ways. Even though Amazon may be enough for some authors, but in order to expand your portfolio, it’s highly recommended to keep the other players in sight. If you get yourself enrolled in KDP Select, you are allowed to sell your book only on Amazon. You’re allowed to upload your book for free, and if your book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99, you can make a royalty of 70% for each book sold. Given the powerhouse Amazon already is, this also makes Amazon KDP clearly one of the best self-publishing company in the world.


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