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Wolfgang Ullrich from KumiCast about his life, his views and his podcast

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Wolfgang Ullrich is a young man from Germany who one day came up with the idea of starting a podcast. Virtually overnight, his podcast became a success and his numbers have exploded. Today we have the opportunity to interview the young talent.

Fox: Thank you first of all for taking the time to answer our questions.

Wolfgang: No problem thank you for having me.

Fox: So Wolfgang, tell us something about yourself. Where are you from and what does your everyday life look like?

Wolfgang: Where should I start.. I’m 21 years old and from Bavaria, Germany. My everyday life starts by waking up checking my socials and eating breakfast. After that I go Into the shower and then I go to work like everyone else. As a cutting machine operator, to be exact.

Fox: You’re not running the show alone, what can you tell us about your co-host?

Wolfgang: Yeah thats right I run the show with sly aka. my best friend or how I would call him a brother from another mother. He’s a very great guy and he helped me alot. To be honest, without him I wouldn’t be here today, in terms of creating our podcast.

Fox: According to the statistics we analyzed, the first episode of your podcast has already reached 60,000 people. How do you explain this great reach?

Wolfgang: It’s crazy honestly I have no idea how it became so big.. I mean yeah I have a manager in the background helping me to get found by the people but none of us expected it to blow up like this.

Fox: What do you hope for the future and how do you think podcasts will impact the social media world?

Wolfgang: Personally I think it will have a huge impact on social media. Podcasts are very popular today and I think that they will „replace“ normal talk shows like they exist on TV.

Fox: Thank you for your honest answers. What are your final words to our subscribers?

Wolfgang: I have to Thank you for having me. I can only give everyone one thing to take with them: Follow your dreams!

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