Why Honesty, Compassion, and Self-Belief are the 3 Pillars of Claire Revell’s Success

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Just as truly successful people never rest on their laurels, true success is never static. If success stands still, it stagnates. Success must always be evolving, branching out, and looking for new ways to grow and develop. Solid success entails solid roots and impregnable foundations. Depending on whom you ask, the foundation of each person’s success will be different. However, in the case of Claire Revell, director and CEO of Intellek (formerly TutorPro), it’s quite evident that everything she has achieved to date rests on the three pillars of honesty, compassion, and self-belief.

As a digital guru and sworn philanthropist, Claire Revell is something of an enigma. She skipped university education to follow her twin interests of IT and business studies at a young age, despite being told by teachers that it was not a smart course of action. At the age of 19, she secured a position as an eLearning developer with global B2B learning technology provider Intellek. After working up through the ranks, in 2010, she worked remotely for Intellek as VP of Client Success, whilst pursuing her dream of living in South Africa. Through an iron-cast self-belief, Claire is now back in the UK and is the director and CEO of the company. She has since also founded her own EdTech firm called SIDIS Academy. She is renowned for her honesty and transparency with all those who deal with her, but it’s perhaps her philanthropic pursuits such as “Opening Doors Global” that she is best known for.

“I think true success is only possible by having compassion for others and doing your utmost to help make the world a better place,” says Claire. “For example, the ‘Opening Doors Global’ project is about providing every child access to education and a safe environment, starting from South Africa. It is also about helping those who have been incarcerated gain the skills they need for productive employment. Education and self-belief are integral to developing yourself as an individual and the more we cultivate that trait within ourselves and help others do the same, the brighter our collective future will be,” concludes Claire Revell.

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