Why Faith and Philanthropy Are Critical in Today’s World per Richard Yu

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Entrepreneur and coach Richard Yu has always wanted to help people for as long as he can remember. With an initial plan of achieving this by becoming a doctor, Yu took a bit of a detour as he started discovering himself. Yu says that he did not put himself where he is today but rather credits the turn of his fortunes to his steadfast faith. Today, he runs a flourishing coaching empire, where helping others is at the core of his business model.

The most vital elements Richard Yu has built his business on are faith, servitude, and philanthropy. Profits come in second place as Yu gauges his success in the impact he makes on other people’s lives. This is one of the most important principles he teaches his students so they, too, can see that income is nothing but a by-product of the impact they create on others.

Once focused on saving lives by being a doctor, Richard Yu now saves lives in a different but perhaps more impactful capacity. In his endeavor to serve society and implement a philanthropic cause into his successful business, Yu has taken a stand against human trafficking. For this, he is in discussions to partner with Agape International Missions (AIM), a nonprofit organization that rescues victims of this chilling crime.

The majority of victims of human trafficking are women and children sold into sexual slavery. AIM sends SWAT-type teams into brothels in nations such as China, Belize, and Cambodia to save the trafficked individuals. For every new client that signs up with Richard Yu’s coaching program, a contribution will be made to save a woman or child from this terrible fate.

Faith guided Richard Yu to his success, and now he wants to give back and guide others. Entrepreneurship, for Yu, is about a lot more than making money; it is about servitude and philanthropy. Yu has dedicated himself to a philanthropic goal, and he encourages others to find a cause that resonates with them and then take a stand for it.

In a time when most people are distrustful and only bothered about themselves, it is critical for someone to take the lead and show the world the value of faith and contributing towards others’ causes. Richard Yu has managed to do that, and here’s hoping his example motivates many others to follow suit.

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