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Why Changing Your Perspective Is the Key to Success, as per Jared Scott

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Jared Scott is a well-known speaker, musician, and entrepreneur. He recently shared how changing your perspective can be the key to success.

In a recent presentation, Jared mentioned the importance of changing your perspective. He offered an example from his own life. The example is how his son saw the pandemic. From Jared’s point of view, it was incredibly challenging and concerning. There was uncertainty about finances and the future. There was his concern for others.

But his son only saw the positive side. He describes, “My son during this pandemic would wake up happy every day. He was happy running around the house in his Batman cape. Why? Because his mom and dad weren’t at work. They were at home, and they could play with him.”

This lesson of looking for the positive side of things is important. Instead of focusing on the negatives and the issues you are dealing with, you should consider changing your perspective. As Jared explains, “Maybe you just need perspective.” He suggests, “Find and pick out the positivity within the problem. Maybe shift the whole perspective.” He continues, “Don’t look at these things in your life as problems. Look at them as challenges, something that you can overcome.”

Jared Scott also offers other keys to success for those who are looking to go far in life. He says, “Authenticity is key.” He believes that “Lies always die, and the truth will live forever.” He also suggests that you “know your audience and do not sacrifice the truth to relate to them.” The best way of connecting with others is to share your story. This will hopefully inspire others to share those. That act of sharing can create connections that are authentic.

Jared Scott also encourages “the audacity to say the things that other people won’t say.” For Jared, an example of that is his frank discussions about mental health. There is currently a stigma against mental health issues, and Jared is working hard to fight it.

Shifting your perspective is essential to overcoming challenges. Instead of viewing them as problems in your life that you need to make disappear, see them as opportunities for growth.

Jared Scott applies similar advice to failures. Instead of looking at them as mistakes, he embraces them. He sees them as the chance to learn a lesson and keep moving forward. Jared takes this to the next level and sees a lack of failure as a lack of trying new things. That is just one example of how shifting your perspective can lead to success.

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