Where Success and Profound Contentment Meet: The Inspiring Story of Crystal Stokes

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No matter where you come from, you can find success and contentment when you work on combining inner and outer achievements, suggests Crystal Stokes.

Crystal is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and public speaker who helps those in need of personal development and mental health guidance. Through transpersonal, existential, and behavioral psychology, Crystal offers her clients a dynamic experience to help them heal, grow, and integrate elements of InnerAchievement, such as robust relationships, health, and meaning, and OuterAchievement, such as status and material prosperity into their lives.

Crystal herself has transformed her life from being a sole OuterAchiever, focused on status, wealth, and material success, towards becoming a TotalAchiever by strengthening her InnerAchiever practices; a journey she has been helping her clients take as well. “These skills can help people value relationships, self-care, and meaning to cultivate a richer life,” Stokes explains.

Integrated into her practices are behavioral coaching, existential psychology, and mindfulness practices, which she has always been fond of. Growing up on a farm, Crystal lived a simple life. One that she was grateful for. Her days consisted of exploring, observing, and being deeply attuned to the natural world. During this time, her life was simple and she was at one with her body and mind; a true InnerAchiever lifestyle.

Moving into adult life, Crystal Stokes turned into an OuterAchiever, working multiple jobs, getting above average grades, and being competitive at sports and music. Pushing herself to the limits combined with a lack of sleep resulted in rising levels of burnout, anxiety, and depression. To escape this downward spiral, she turned to psychotherapy. After a few sessions, she recognized the power of therapy and realized that she wanted to learn the tools and insights by becoming a psychotherapist herself.

Now, Crystal Stokes is deeply in love with psychology and understanding emotions and behaviors. Her work allows her to be at one with her mind and body again, and to help people experience this for themselves.

She grew up from humble beginnings on the East Coast, travelled Europe, and is now living and loving life in California.  Through healing herself and others, Crystal Stokes has truly found the success and inner peace she was looking to be rekindled with.

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