When to Seek Out a Mentor, Nick Ayala Advises

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Finding a mentor can be a huge jumpstart for your career. Learning from the best makes it more likely that you’ll succeed, and you have someone to talk to when you’re not sure how to move forward. Nick Alaya has had his own mentors in his life, and he is looking forward to mentoring people in the future. Here’s why he thinks entrepreneurs should seek out a mentor. 

Overall, there’s no bad time to get a mentor. Mentors can help you at every stage of your career. “If you’re just starting out, a mentor can help you shape your entire business,” says Nick Ayala. “You can get guidance right out of the gate and make crucial business decisions with their help.” However, many people aren’t able to get a mentor that early in their careers. Many mentors will want you to demonstrate your abilities and drive before they would like to work with you. “When you’re seeking out a mentor, think about why they would want to take you onboard,” says Ayala. “Do you have a great idea that will make a splash in your industry? Are you already making a ton of money from your business? Or do you have anything you can offer them in return?” It’s never too late to get a mentor to help you along the way, especially if you’re trying something new or entering a new industry. 

You might wonder why you need a mentor in the first place. Ayala explains, “One cool aspect of mentorship is the ability to get constructive criticism. You can learn from your mistakes and make your business stronger. Having a mentor will also increase your knowledge in your field, help you make other business connections, and assist you in setting goals.”  

After working with mentors in the past, Nick Ayala thinks he has what it takes to be a mentor now to people in the life insurance industry and beyond. You might discover that you too can make this decision down the road. 


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