What makes a successful fashion entrepreneur? Behnood Javaherpour sheds light on the subject.

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To create a strong reputation for your brand, you need to go a step ahead and be people-centric in your approach.

The shimmer of the fashion industry is hard to resist, which draws a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs towards it. However, it’s a highly competitive field and one has to be on his toes to race ahead of others. Hard work along with the right connections are extremely important to grow in this profession, but there’s a lot more that goes into it which can help in creating that perfect brand which would have the potential to create the right impact on a large scale. But how? Behnood Javaherpour, a Persian fashion designer who has been in the business and has reached optimum levels of success, tells you how to take the right steps which can help grow your brand as well as yourself in this cut-throat competitive industry.

“While there are no set rules or any blueprint which would lead you to success, there are certain characteristics which if imbibed can help in taking your business to the next level,” says Behnood.

Fuelled passion and burning desire to grow: Without these vital ingredients which are of utmost importance to keep the desire to excel and carve a niche for yourself in the fashion industry burning, you won’t be able to go far. Passionate about fashion and a drive to succeed are without any doubts the most important elements which can help in keeping you motivated and push you forward towards your goals.

Communication skills: Managing your own fashion venture brings along a lot like taking strategic decisions which would decide the right course of business. To achieve that you need people around which comprise of manufacturers, suppliers, team members, associates and more. Having a good command over your communication and leadership skills is an important requisite which one should focus upon. The best industry entrepreneurs build positive relations with people around, which helps them propel in the right direction.

Maintaining good relations: To go ahead and survive in the long run you’ll need to create and maintain good reputation for your brand as well as yourself by forming the right network of people who are associated with the business like designers, manufacturers, distributors and many more who come along during the course of the fashion business and maintain an excellent working relationship with them.

“Of course, even if you embody all of these qualities, you may not get far without a thorough understanding of business as fashion entrepreneurs should keep on employing strategies that will help them cruise ahead of all by keeping up with the changing trends,” concludes Behnood.


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