‘Well done is better than well said: Digitalpreneur Ankush Kumar Pathak

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At an age when everyone goes through skepticism, he sponsored his Own dreams to do something big and great and make everyone proud of it , he decided to unravel his passion and work efficiently towards it , which sooner did he realized was doing something with technology , having a creative mindset and great inclination towards Businesses, the field of digital Marketing made it all easy for him to pursue and achieve the greatest of expertise in the same .
The youngest yet the most knowledgably developed Ankush Kumar Pathak made it . Born and bought up in , One of the oldest living cities in the world, Patna, the capital of Bihar, stands on the banks of River Ganges, proudly cradling in its heart the city’s heritage, patriotism and culture. A bustling city with old neighborhoods, he has made his reach global by starting early and working with Multinational Giants and startups like Mitron, Bumble, Paisabazaar, Liv pure, Alt Leisure and many more.
He describes his entrepreneurial journey as not an easy one. As a kid, he always had a keen interest in sports and even wanted to become one but Soon, he left sports behind, but failed to leave the discipline and teamwork he learned from it which is evident in his work and networking after which started focusing on the dreams of his life that is to become the youngest yet most successful businessman and so he got himself invested in business-related activities in and out , after which he started working for different brands and individuals around the universe .He believes that being a budding teenager , it comes with a lot of potential to learn and inculcate new thing and skills each day .books and resources can never bound the caliber you have in yourself but the mindset does. He chose sky as his limit and kept working and learning. with no doubt of being a struggler but he chose to remain it as a hustler, indeed he is! being a day scholar, it often happens that he had to leave working and focus on academics but with the enthusiasm to ‘be the best’ he ends up scoring good in exams too.
His strength lies in the confidence he carries and understanding the vast potential to achieve much more in life by passionate and determined towards the profession of online marketing. On asking for that one message to the public he said “if you don’t build your dreams someone will hire you to help them build theirs” indeed some best lines well said by Sir Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook.


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