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Vish Kumar VK talks about his path to digital entrepreneur

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Vish Kumar VK is an Influencer, Digital Marketing Expert, and Punjabi Singer, who was born on October 30, 1998. He owns ADVISH Media & Marketing, a marketing firm, and, a news, and media website. Vish intends to expand his business in the areas of digital marketing and manufacturing.

Digital companies have exploded in popularity in the digital age. When we talk about internet businesses, we’re talking about a lot of businesses that have gone digital and are making a lot of money. Many individual entrepreneurs are flocking to the digital domain, which serves as a breeding ground for brands and influencers. Vish Kumar VK, an expert in social media marketing, multimedia campaigns, and advertisements, is one name that keeps on rising. Based in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur. This young man is the brains behind some of the most famous social media sites.

The fact that he began creating websites and applications in 8th or 9th grade when other students were learning how to use Microsoft Excel on a device, is inspiring. He currently has 7-8 years of expertise in web design, programming, and digital marketing of high-end solutions. His Instagram account, @iamVishKumarVK, has over 90k followers. 

His extraordinary ability to create the best content is what makes him so successful on the internet. “The right kind of content is often welcomed by the viewer. It was a very easy and subtle thinking process. On the internet, relatable material, in my opinion, performs well. It’s critical to know who your target market is ” VK expressed his thoughts on the topic.

What else does we got to know about Vish Kumar VK?

Vish Kumar VK’s digital growth demand is at an all-time high right now. He also works as a Celebrity Manager. Vish has a lot of connections, and he handles a lot of celebrities and musicians from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Pollywood all over the world. While not getting a degree, Vish Kumar VK has a lot of experience relative to other students and graduates. That is how one should act. In doing all of this job, he could comfortably contend with someone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Vish Kumar VK has amassed a network of 30 million Instagram followers as of now. The total is expected to rise as he plans to open a slew of new social media accounts shortly. Aside from that, he has promoted over 350+ brands on the internet.

Via his exclusive social media material, this multimedia entrepreneur not only entertains but also informs his viewers about current events. We wish this incredibly talented young man the best of luck and hope that he will encourage other young people his age to strive to their full artistic potential.

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