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Vincent Müller: The Key to Thriving in the 21st Century Is Spontaneity and Improvisation

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Success in life is determined by one’s unpredictability and ability to do the unexpected every once in a while. To put into perspective, all it takes to succeed as a business in the 21st century is the unpredictability that borders around spontaneity and improvisation. For those who have followed the meteoric rise of German entrepreneur Vincent Müller, they’ll know that these characteristics are responsible for his growth over the years.

Müller’s first foray into the business world started at the tender age of 14 when renting Teamspeak Server to gamers. By the time he was 18, he had built a music promotion network called Dahlem Records, which at its peak had recorded over 20,000 active listeners. However, he was unable to pursue the idea further because the effort required was too high for the low income he got in return. His life, however, took an unpredictable turn at 21, as a third-year law student at Uni Potsdam when he had to drop out of school to help his mother. His mother at the time had become overwhelmed with running her law firm and the real estate firm she inherited after she lost her parents. Once he dropped out, he decided to learn real estate professionally, having been in and around the business all his life.

During the first semester of studying real estate, he met two of his friends, Fritz Frey and Antonius Link, who got him deeply involved in crypto. At the time, crypto didn’t have the hype that it has now, and not many knew about it. He decided to make one significant investment in IOTA, which skyrocketed 3 months later, giving it the most important ROI. This, he recalled, was the first capital to start his first real business.

Müller realized how fortunate he had been to take the chances no one else would. He relied on his ability to spot the potential of endeavors during the COVID-19 pandemic. He took it in stride and turned the situation around to his advantage. Early into the pandemic, Müller realized the business wasn’t moving as fast as it usually did and quickly came up with an idea for a second side business. He quickly discovered that the German government and other governments globally had many difficulties accessing PPEs. He decided to bank on his extensive personal and business network, which has seen him live in three different countries and visit as many schools as possible. He soon found a trusted supplier. He then founded Medical One Group together with his partner, Christian Schroeder, the youngest managing director at Global Founders Capital, the biggest tech fund in Europe. According to him, Medical One Group became a necessity, and it is driven by the desire to support the government and hospital chains to obtain the needed equipment fast and with a fair price but also build a chain of multiple test centers across Germany to help the country. Now their focus lies in providing vaccines to numerous governments across the globe.

Within a year, Medical One Group has recorded tremendous success. As Müller explained, “In 1 year, the company already made an 8 figure profit and has contract values 100 Million +. Using the money I have made, I have built up my own family office and started investing in ventures and startups. So I’m always looking for interesting projects to invest in. I am currently involved in 7+ projects in the field of tech and media.”

With his experience, Müller understands the importance of being spontaneous and the ability to create a solution out of a seemingly endless problem.

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