Vera Von Monika, the successful celebrity announces new project!

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Vera Von Monika, the well know. international media personality that has been a constant influence for over the last 15 years, achieving great recognition with her work in several different areas is ready to strike again with a new project, her own shoe line with the Portuguese company ‘Ushindi Shoes’.
Vera Von Monika became Brand Ambassador for the Portuguese brand in the beginning of this year, joining names such as Nani from the Portuguese national  football team, the motorcycle racer Miguel Oliveira, and the pop band Anjos.

Vera Von Monika, is already known for being brand Ambassador for countless brands, including international brands, to name a few, the Los Angeles luxury eyewear brand ‘Sama Eyewear‘, well known brand of celebrities like Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Vera herself; ‘The Aird Group’ famous for the line Kimmidoll and even as Ambassador of Douro, a region in the north of Portugal. 

From fashion to music, as Brand Ambassador for highly recognised brands, as Humanitarian working with United Nations and WHO in several causes, and recently as Lifestyle & Sports Journalist having even interviewed Ott Tanäk, the Portuguese star is unstoppable and even created her own company, VVMotorsport focused in the racing world. 

Vera Von Monika has been a success through the years, having placed second in FashionTV Worldwide Awards, top 5 in Maxim Magazine, and constantly promoting women empowerment, being Vera herself a symbol of power. 


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