Unleash Neon: Elitist’s One-of-a-Kind Wall Art Makes Decorators Sit Up and Take Notice

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It’s rare that a new company comes in and changes up the established home décor space. However, sometimes a product is so unique and fun that interior decorators sit up and take notice. Elitist sells LED neon signs and canvas wall art that is unique and fun for any room.

You want your space to inspire you to achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest. Elitist’s mission is to partner with customers for success by bringing the wisdom of contemporary and historical thought leaders to your home through inspiring works of art. Their neon signs feature sayings like “Get Shit Done,” “Late Nights, Early Mornings,” “Beast Mode,” and “This is where the magic happens.” They’re a great way to customize a bedroom, living room, or even a home office. “You don’t have to have a corny motivational poster on your wall anymore,” said Founder and CEO Mike Pashayan. “Our signs are a hipper and cooler way to motivate yourself to achieve great things.” Elitist also sells unique canvas portraits featuring similar mantras. On one canvas, a lion has the words “Beast Mode” in his mouth; in another, a striking purple landscape of a big city has the words “Follow Your Dreams” across it. “Decorators are starting to use our products in their designs. They serve a dual purpose of aesthetic beauty and inspiration for success. We can’t wait to get our items into more homes so we can help them radiate positivity.” If motivational quotes aren’t your style, the company also has a Rick and Morty collection and a range of shaped signs, like pinup girls, lips, angel wings, and diamonds. Their designs truly do work in any space, as long as you’re creative enough to incorporate them.

If you want to customize your home further, Elitist offers the option to create your own custom neon LED sign. You can tailor the font, color, size, and backing to your preferences so your sign is truly one of a kind. “Whether you have a favorite saying, inside joke, or mantra you want up on your wall, we can get that for you.” Their signs cost less than $1 a month to run, making them very environmentally friendly. They’re also more affordable than traditional neon signs, which makes them a great interior design choice for any budget.

If you’re a designer looking for a quirky focal point for your room, look no further than neon LED signs and canvas portraits from Elitist.

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