Umaira Habib’s Simple and nature fused, Honey n Beaute is a recent revolution in the cosmetic world.

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Umaira Habib’s firm “Honey n Beaute” quietly bringing a huge revolution for women in the beauty industry and touching millions of lives.
The recent emergence of women entrepreneurs in the modern-day world has been umpteen. Everyday we wake to the news of a newcomer, coming from nowhere to rock and rule the current markets. Their story and journey too take a deep dive for others to know and follow. Today every individual thinks about stability in life, you complete your education and seek a good job with a reasonable paycheck. But how many of us take the highway and ride their own luck, very less to be frank. With cut-throat competition and a constant need of innovating, the modern-day entrepreneur is at its wittiest best and plays around smartly to woo the customer.
One such entrepreneur who has taken huge strides to climb up the ladders of success is Umaira Habib. The new trendy, young, hustler Umaira Habib has already raised a lot of eyebrows. Setting new benchmarks, breaking barriers, upcoming challenges, and most importantly enlightening millions of women around India are some of the special feats that Umaira has achieved at this tender age of 25. A key influencer and enthusiast created her own brand and firm “Honey n Beaute” in March 2019 and since then there is no looking back for this entrepreneur. Today it is the first choice for more than 25,000 customers and counting more day by day. Their unique products which includes Hair oil with herbal ingredients, Henna Body lotions, 24k gold serum with 25 herbs have become a prominent choice over other competitors and is gaining tremendous momentum in the beauty and personal care industry.
Umaira feels that it all about giving back to the customers, making them feel happy about them and raising their self confidence to great level. Umaira says that it is extremely important to provide a product which is value for money for the customers which in turn would create a great brand recognition for themselves. Umaira has been busy travelling to various other places in the country for promoting and expanding her business. With a clear objective of making “Honey n Beaute” a national and a global brand, she is hustling hard to attract more customers and cover more potential markets to cater.
Coming from a humble background of a middle-class family and born and brought in the small town of Kattu Pava near Pudhukkottai, Tamil Nadu, Umaira did overcome many challenges that life had thrown at her. Now a mother of 2 kids, she manages work-life balance and works harder for her firm to constantly do better. Pursuing a course from Kolkata in beauty and personal care management, Umaira was very sure and keen to start her own company and business. She realized the fact that the market has a wide range of expensive beauty and personal care products with least or minimum value offered to the customers. Hence, she made it a point to deliver and cover the unmet demand of the customers to provide with high value products at a reasonable price range.
Honey n Beaute since inception have products which has boosted the self-esteem of thousands of women and invoked sheer confidence in them to look better, take care of them and feel better. Today the firm has many celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Ishwarya Menon, Janani Iyer, Aalya Manasa, Youtuber Ahmed Meeran as proud customers.
Do visit their website for exciting offers and products.

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