Uday Srinivas Tangella is enhancing the lives of millions with tea.

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Youth seeks employment and business opportunities in foreign countries due to the lack of prospects available in India. Uday Srinivas’s success story breaks such narratives as he and his business continue to grow and flourish every day while generating new employment opportunities and benefitting the people. Tea is a product that’s produced vastly in many states of India and consumed extensively all over India. Uday observed this need and founded Tea Time.

Tea Time is located in Hyderabad, Telangana and was founded in 2016 by Uday Srinivas Tangella. Before initiating his start-up in India, Uday was in a high paid corporate job in Dubai, living a luxurious life. He returned to India to empower the common people of India by providing them jobs, financial aid, and stability, bridging the gap between accessibility and affordability of premium quality products. To achieve these goals, he founded a startup called Tea Time. Today, Team Time is India’s largest and one of the most widespread tea chains all over India.

Uday Srinivas aspires to add value to the lives of Tea Time’s customers, farmers, franchisees, employees and investors. “We are here to bring the numero uno tea experience that Tea Time gives to many villages, towns, cities, and countries while building sustainable growth from farmers and empowering local entrepreneurship,” says Uday. He further aims to connect millions of people with its exceptional blends of tea. Currently, Tea Time has more than 3,000 spread all over India.

Being born and raised in a middle-class family, Uday faced many struggles, obstacles, etc, which had a great impact on him. To be of service to the poverty-stricken people, solve hunger issues, provide financial aid, and offer career guidance and support – Uday established an NGO dedicated to many of these social causes to help the people in need in multiple areas and situations.

To make a mark on a national level and larger scale, Uday joined a political party in Andra Pradesh, Jena Sena, to embark on his journey of leadership and motivating people to help the needy and emphasise social issues existing in the society all over India.

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