Types and Advantages of Precise Ready-Mix Concrete

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Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) is a custom-made concrete that is produced in a factory or batching plant according to standard standards. The ready-mix concrete is then transported to the job site in transit mixers mounted on trucks. This form of concrete has a longer lifespan and is more durable. The mixture created is accurate and of superior quality, because the work is done by an expert supplier. This concrete manufacturing technology can also produce speciality concrete combinations. 

There are three varieties of ready-mix concrete (RMC) based on how the various elements are mixed together, as shown below:

Transit Mixed Concrete

Because all of the essential materials, including water, are charged directly into the truck mixer, it’s also known as dry-batched concrete. During the loading of the material, the mixer drum rotates quickly at charging speed before returning to its usual agitation speed. Three types of modifications are conceivable in this type of ready-mix concrete, as shown below: On-site concrete mixing. The drum is rotated at a slow or agitated speed of 2 rpm while being transported to the destination, but once there, just before discharging the material, it is rotated at a maximum speed of 12 to 15 rpm for almost 70 to 100 revolutions to ensure homogenous mixing. In transit, concrete is blended during transit time. The drum speed is kept medium, around 8 rpm for roughly 70 revolutions. It is slowed to an agitation speed of 2 rpm after 70 revolutions until the concrete is discharged. In the yard, concrete is being mixed. In the yard, the drum is spun at high speed of 12 to 15 rpm for around 50 revolutions. After that, the concrete is progressively stirred.

Shrink Mixed Concrete

During transit, the concrete is partially mixed in the plant mixer and then balanced in the truck-mounted drum mixer. The amount of mixing done in the transit mixer is determined by how much mixing is done in the central mixing plant. To determine the drum mixer’s mixing requirements, tests should be undertaken.

Central Mixed Concrete

It’s also known as a central batching plant since it thoroughly mixes the concrete before loading it into the truck mixer. Wet-batch or pre-mix plants are other names for the same plant. The truck mixer simply works as an agitator while transporting the concrete. Non-agitating units or dump trucks can be employed when the workability requirement is minimal, or the lead is short.

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete

  1. Mechanized activities are used to maintain the speed of construction procedures used in ready mix concrete plants. A site mix concrete plant with an 8/12 mixer produces 4 to 5 metric cubes per hour, but a ready-mix concrete plant produces 30-60 metric cubes per hour.
  2. Cement usage can be reduced by 10 to 12 per cent with better handling and mixing practices. The use of admixtures and other cementitious materials will aid in the reduction of cement use.
  3. The concrete mixture has a wide range of applications. It is installed using the greatest concrete placement techniques.
  4. Because ready mix concrete uses bulk concrete instead of cement sacks, it saves cement and reduces dust.
  5. Cement conservation will save energy and materials.
  6. Less consumption means less cement manufacturing, which means less pollution in the environment.
  7. The construction becomes more durable, improving service life and lowering life cycle costs.
  8. Because ready-mix concrete manufacturing relies less on human labour, the risk of human mistakes is reduced. This will also lessen the need for manual labour.
  9. Concrete is delivered on schedule, in little or big quantities, according to the specifications.
  10. This eliminates the need for on-site storage of raw materials. There are no delays due to the building or dismantling of a site-based batching plant, no equipment to hire, and no-cost depreciation.
  11. Because less gasoline and diesel are used, noise and pollution are reduced.

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