Tvara Mehta shines on in Wipro LED Lighting ad!

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Tvara has always starred in exciting , cutting edge ads! You can surely trust her to bring something new each time. Her latest ad on smart lighting solutions is very techie and vibrant!

These days people want the best and most exciting features for home lights. This ad will surely resonate with the youth.

Have a look!

Tvara has also starred in ads by Loreal, Max fashion and many other regional brands. She has also directed some ads.

She is one person who has always been a pioneer in bringing new trends to the social scene. Follow her social handles to keep yourself updated on all the excitement!

On being asked the kind of work she would want to do in future, Tvara says, “It has to be innovative, have a creative team and should challenge me. These days there are so many people making ads so standing out is surely not as easy as it was, but at the same time, resources are also easily accessible now. So we need

to quickly recognise opportunities and just dive in.”

She adds, “I look forward to working with the best teams from all over India, as that way I can learn so much more. There is always something to learn with each experience- that’s the beauty of this profession. I love being in environments which nurture me.”

She works with several brands on her Instagram too – she has over the years worked with almost 100 national & international brands.

We ask her what keeps her going and she says, “I love to keep working hard. I am very passionate about my work so I keep myself updated with all new trends and keep those in mind while creating. I feel with right tools, you can promote any brand with innovation. That’s the need of the hour to stand out.”

Tvara has been in the industry since last 7 years. She has also produced and acted in a theatrical production Guardians of the Madness which was a huge hit in Ahmedabad.

The play was a dark comedy which also threw light on mental health awareness. The youth definitely related to it as lots of people these days are aware about mental health due to the stressful work environments. Tvara has a way to connect to her audience by always understanding what they want and coming up with the best.

She also owns a clothing label called Sheroes. It works towards women empowerment, helping them voice their concerns. Recently her label has adapted sustainability- they create new, trendy outfits from old clothes and scraps. Sheroes also hosts events and meetups- its a wonderful community. Tvara exhibits her designs at various popups across the country. Sheroes also gives a shoutout to inspiring women and shares their unique stories.

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