TruTrade.IO’s Algorithmic Trading Solution Is Empowering Retail Traders

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There are several prominent barriers to entry for the stock market, but the primary obstacle that aspiring traders must overcome is financial education. Obtaining the knowledge necessary to succeed can require years of study; many of the traders working on Wall Street today acquired their expertise in the pursuit of an economics degree at a university. The financial burden and time commitment of such an education are enough to keep most people from ever reaching the trading floor, but college isn’t the only path to the stock market. Some teach themselves, others find mentors, and many attend conventions and conferences. Now, TruTrade.IO is forging a new path with a unique software designed to take retail investors to the next level.

Common Obstacles to Success for Retail Investors

Be it futures, FOREX, or equities, trading is unpredictable. It’s almost impossible to foresee every minute fluctuation that will affect the markets, and learning how to trade accordingly requires years of experience. In addition, retail traders usually have many responsibilities outside of trading, from maintaining a career to caring for a family. This makes it difficult for many to find enough time to study and practice trading techniques and strategies.

According to TruTrade.IO, manual trading is not the best option for retail traders. Automated software can utilize professional trading strategies to reduce risks and give users the confidence they need to take on their market of choice.

Changing the Retail Investment Game with Algorithmic Trading Software

TruTrade.IO is the result of an exhaustive market research process. The software utilizes expert knowledge to guide retail traders with less experience. “Our goal is to help retail investors to trade like professionals, with the combined strength of our knowledge and experience behind them,” said one company spokesperson. “We’ve developed an institutional-grade trading software to help retail investors take on the futures, FOREX, or equities markets, allowing users to trade like pros on one convenient platform.”

The design includes several trading strategies that have been kept from the public view; however, TruTrade.IO believes that knowledge belongs to everyone. The company is keen to share these exclusive techniques with those who could benefit most from them.

Risk management played a huge role in the design process. “Risk is one of the most essential factors in every decision or trade you make, and the stress of it can affect your ability to think and act clearly,” TruTrade.IO says. “To address this, we designed DRAMM, a dynamic risk management module.” With DRAMM, TruTrade.IO’s software manages an array of complex money management strategies. “This allows retail traders to trade more realistically, an advantage over other retail trading systems.”

Minimizing drawdowns, or declines in portfolios, and increasing the accumulation of equity were prioritized. “We accomplish this by empowering retail traders with the ability to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes,” the company explains. “The software is very systematic and incorporates multiple bar-types and timeframes.” 

TruTrade.IO was designed to work with any skill level, from industry newcomers to seasoned experts. “The software allows you to take whatever degree of control over your trading that you desire,” the company explains. “We can guide novice traders through every step of the process or offer occasional support to professionals when needed.” The software is fully adjustable to the user’s personal risk tolerance, adapting to each trader’s specific needs and style.

TruTrade.IO adds that its post-purchase clients can also enjoy the benefits of having bot-add-ons. “These help to prevent slippage and help you to take advantage of any market condition.”

Automation Is Helping Traders Find Confidence and Take Control

Uncertainty can never be totally eliminated from trading, but TruTrade.IO is giving traders the confidence they need to make informed decisions and take calculated risks. Traders of any experience level can utilize the best techniques in the industry and take control of their trading careers.

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