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Much like many talented Engineers, TripOsphere’s founder got his talent elsewhere. Gokul, a mechanical engineer graduate by 2010, joined a job as a quality engineer and worked the usual 9 to 5 for two and a half years before he broke free and decided to do something on his own for himself. He started a real estate company in 2013 called HouseHunt, a group of the Darshit Realty. After eight years of the company doing well enough, he wanted to do something that really spoke to him as a person. He then had the idea of starting a travel planner company. His brain baby came to reality in January of 2020, TripOsphere. It struggled with the heavy winds with an unknown icy sea due to the covid situation but once travel resumed from 2021 it was smooth sailing. They have not stopped since and have successfully served 100+ happy clients. And now Triposphere is the most sought-after vacation planner in India. They strive to make every trip memorable and safe for you and your loved ones. TripOsphere will be that one friend in every gang who will plan out everything for the perfect tailor-made vacay. There’s a reason why they are the best in the business, keep reading to know why.

He also elaborates how the profession chose him and not the other way around – “Though Covid was spreading darkness across the country, whenever we were legally allowed to travel we ensured we made a trip with our gang to lesser knows places so that it is calm and safe. That reminds me of talking about the “gang”- We are a group of 14 friends from school days and we used to go on trips since 2002. Now we are all married so the 14 has become 28-32 pax. And meeting the needs of all of them had made me a tour planner by default. Managing baby needs, multiple cuisines preferences, multiple experiential approaches, and what not.Tour planning came naturally thanks to my huge gang. Understanding all their preferences and providing the best experience every time had honed me into a patient Tour planner.”

TripOsphere offer all sorts of trips ranging from city tours, adventure tour, safari tour, luxury tour, and cruise tours all over 33 countries around the globe. They have several travel destinations from surreal places like Srilanka, Bhutan, and Thailand to peaceful places like Bali and the Maldives. They are also open to Switzerland countries and more.

TripOsphere has plans for families, friends, and group tours but it is the most sought after for many reasons, one of them is definitely that they plan for comfortable and safe trips for women-only groups as well. Gokul adds “We want our clients to be safe and explore the most to all the places that they go”. TripOsphere ensures the utmost safety and pledges to take keen care of all the necessities for their female travelers and assure a hassle-free, memorable and relaxing trip. They have recently finished a successful women’s only trip to Rajasthan, Maldives, and are planning another one to Srilanka in April. They are also open for groups of family and friends. Once all countries are open for travel they have set their compass to more countries like Vietnam, Bali, and more domestic destinations in India as well.

TripOsphere has many more milestones to achieve on this adventurous journey but currently, they have set their sights to expand globally and have their own office and fleet set up in Sri Lanka and the Maldives by 2024.

So, if you and your friends are planning to go someplace and have fun, Triposphere has your back. If you and your family need some time together, you can leave the stress to Triposhere for planning the perfect holiday and if you’re a couple looking to spend some alone time, grab their honeymoon offer while you can to “The Maldives”. Follow them and their clientele escapades on their IG handle and find out more about their tours and how to book one for yourself because you know you deserve that relaxing vacation for a while now! :


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