Top reasons why people are choosing Chaai Seth franchisee.

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With a proven concept that is always in demand, and the products that need no marketing; Chaai Seth has something different to offer in the market.
Let’s understand how this tea franchise is creating revolution in the Indian market.

Started by Mr. Arpit Raj, Chaai Seth has recently been recognised as official start-up by DPIIT, Government of India.

There are end number of brands available in the market, let’s understand why people are more interested in Chaai Seth franchise. Let’s understand from both investor’s and customer’s point of view.

Customer’s point of View-

Being a customer yourself, you would like to visit a happening place. A place with lots of positivity, cool Ambience and ofcourse a healthy, tasty and hygienic food experience.
The brand completely works on these things.

Right from the staffs wearing gloves & masks, to the outlet sanitization; Chaai Seth ensures that the food items are extremely hygienic and untouched !

The food presentation that will make you go gaga !

Consider you visit a cafe with your friends and you find the ordered item in a very classy and decorative way, that will excite you to click photos first!
Sounds amazing right?

A hangout place for tea lovers:

A place with variety of tea ! Adarak (Ginger) tea is too common. Imagine having Paan Tea, Kesar Elaichi Tea, Mango Tea, Guava Tea, Banana Tea and 20+ variety of amazing tea flavours! You get all these in Chaai Seth outlets, that too in a very pocket friendly rate that too in Kulhad (Clay Pot).

Time to Time offers:
At Chaai Seth, they seem to build relations with you. They keep on offering exciting offers for their customers. Imagine having a free chaai when you order a burger today! How cool is that to hear!

New Menu Add-ons:
One another amazing thing about Chaai Seth is that they keep on adding new items everytime. Today we interact with a number of food videos on internet, and we literally want to try them. Chaai Seth got the option for you, they keep on adding new items in the menu.

Investor point of view.

Being a potential investor, all we want is ROI (Return on Investment), means if we are investing 10 Lacs today, how soon can we get this 10 Lacs back from the business and start getting profits.

Chaai Seth purely focuses on the ROI part, as per their official website, they target to get the ROI within 6-7 Months.

How cool is that to invest 6-7 Lacs and start getting huge profit.

Strategically Menu Pricing:

One most important thing about any business is the right pricing. There are brands in the market who asks you to invest 18-20 Lacs then sell tea at 10 rupees !! Even if you’re making a pure profit of 3 rupees a cup, there is a hell lot of pressure on the franchisee as well as ok staffs’ head to get you in profit.

Chaai Seth analyse the local competition then offer the menu pricing strategically so that the customer won’t feel that they are paying too much, and you get good margin on the items.
Eg- The spending capacity of visitors going to a mall is different than that of street crowd and vice-versa.
Chaai Seth sells tea starting from 10-15 upto 30 rupees a cup on the high streets, but plans to sell tea starting from 40 rupees upto 80-90 in a mall. Sounds amazing right!?

Pre & Post Opening supports:

Chaai Seth guides you right from thr initial phase of finding a proper location, to licensing, to machinery, equipments and so on.

Staffing Support:
Chaai Seth offers staffing support too as option. As per their website, they offer staffs as well if you want with certain conditions. Apart, you always have options to hire someone locally and get trained by them.

Clear Franchisee Policies:
Chaai Seth have a set of transparent terms and conditions for their franchisees which helps them build long term relations with their esteemed franchisees.

After Opening supports:
Chaai Seth believes that everyone has hard earned money and they respect that. Reason why, they show a strong support even after opening of the outlet. They make an official whatsapp group which has all the team members involved and franchisees can literally share their issues or experiences in that group, and the team take immediate action.

We wish the whole team of Chaai Seth a grand success ahead.
With the amazing concept starting with just 6-7 Lacs Rupees, Chaai Seth is really amazing and unique in their way.


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