“To get to the next level of business success, entrepreneurs need to walk in sync with the changing business trends,” says Dubai-based entrepreneur Kasper Jakobsen

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Kasper Jakobsen, who successfully runs “Seven Yachts,” and a real estate business as well, could pull this off beautifully for his resilience and adoption of new tech and business trends. 

It is so amazing to learn about all those successful professionals who, instead of blindly following the crowds, made sure to pave their own path to growth and success by walking on unconventional roads and going all-in in their chosen industries. What is even more amazing is how well a few talented beings have managed to do that by showcasing their tremendous entrepreneurial skills and their genius in business. We couldn’t help but notice how Dubai-based entrepreneur Kasper Jakobsen did the same and spared no effort in taking over both the yachting and real estate business realms. 

Kasper Jakobsen is the one who, as the owner of Seven Yachts ( since 2016, has taken over the industry in the UAE and has generated massive revenues and sales through his winning business models and techniques. The student of Europe’s top Business School, IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, initially began his journey by founding a small software development house which he exited in 2015; then, finding his passion in the yachting realm, he took the giant leap in launching Seven Yachts. The Denmark talent, grown in New Zealand, has now made Dubai his home and is only continuously stunning people worldwide with what he has created and what he offers as the owner of Seven Yachts, known as the #1 Super Yacht Sales and Charter Brokerage in the UAE. 

The entrepreneur, who recently also jumped into the real estate niche in Denmark and Spain, can’t emphasize enough how essential it is for budding entrepreneurs to focus on making the most of the opportunities in their industry and walking in sync with the changing tech and business trends. He believes that doing that helps business owners to have the edge over their contemporaries and leads them towards becoming the best in their niches. 

Kasper Jakobsen ( feels that his business ventures’ constant growth can be attributed to A. his incredible business models, B. his passion for serving his clients with the best experiences, and C. his hunger to keep learning new things and implementing new business trends in his businesses. All this, he believes, made him build a robust client base that has made his businesses trustworthy entities. 

He now wants to keep learning new business trends and keep expanding his businesses to inspire many more aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. 


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