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The story of Ethan Gontar

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Two friends who met in high school, decide to work together on music, and here we go. They brought something new and magical to the world. But let’s go back a moment.

It all started when Ethan was in first grade. When he was 6, He started playing the flute and piano. He had so much fun, that one day in sixth grade, He decided he wanted to start learning guitar.

His parents saw that he was really passionate about this world, and decided to buy him his first classical guitar. Since then, everything is history.

Ethan met his due Shay Vagner from school. But now this is really the first time they decide to fully collaborate and to give everything to the outside world. They have strong connections as friends and as a musician.

Ethan Gontar is an Israel-based musician, producer, singer-songwriter and was born on May 17, 1996, in Nahariya, Israel.

Gontar cooperated with the Israeli musician Shay Vagner and today they introduced to our world their newest song “Wildest Dreams”. And if that’s not enough, this song comes with a spectacular video. This is Ethan’s 3rd single after ‘Forever’, and ‘Say Goodbye’.

About ‘wildest Dreams’:
The song describes a relationship that wasn’t mutual, the woman didn’t feel the same way as the man did.

The man feels that the woman doesn’t give him the love he deserves, and it’s making him weak, and everything suddenly seems so weird.

He starts to recollect all of the wildest dreams that came true and the ones that they planned for the future to come.

He talks about the deep connection that they had, his strong feelings that don’t align with hers.

The video clip starts with a video from an old tape of the couple in their childhood and between them is a map of the world, a toy plane, and a toy van.

Ever since they were little kids their wildest dream was to fly all over the world, rent a van and explore the world.

Going forward in the video clip, they are seen as a grown-up couple and their relationship isn’t so glamorous by the lyrics and the clip’s photos.

Later, despite everything that had happened, they choose to try and fulfill their wildest dream which is flying and exploring the world together. That trip is the savior of their relationship. At the end of the video clip it can be seen that in spite of everything that had happened, they have grown old and happy together.

Official Music Video on Youtube:

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